5 Questions to Help You Create a Cost-Effective Travel Programme
Travel programmes have a variety of goals, but if yours is focused entirely on “Spend and Savings”, it’s missing the point of an employee-facing service function. Instead, you need to follow the principles of a balanced scorecard by setting KPIs that are relevant to specific areas of creating a cost-effective travel programme. KPIs are like […]
What Every Travel Manager Needs to Know About Travel AI and Bots
First of all, what are bots and how do they work? A bot is a piece of software which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to mimic human interaction. In doing so, it can respond to natural questioning in a manner that belies its pre-programmed, digital brain. Facebook, among others, is betting big on bots, […]
A New Approach to Cost-Savings in Business Travel
How to reframe the way your business measures travel to optimise spend. In order to support commercial success, travel departments are often tasked with trying to decrease costs. Unfortunately, this usually results in a travel programme riddled with inefficiencies and poor standards for employees. From urging travellers to share rooms to focussing too heavily on negotiated […]
Two Reasons Modern Travel Managers Also Need to be Data Analysts
The skills required by modern travel managers are changing. In particular, a report by Radius Travel uncovered that 51% of surveyed travel managers believe data analytics skills will become more important in the future. What is changing in the world of business travel that means data analysis is becoming more important? And what can travel managers […]
3 Challenges Facing Travel Managers … And How to Overcome Them
Travel managers all face different hurdles at work. Although we often have similar goals and objectives, our specific challenges can be very different – covering everything from increasing policy compliance and streamlining the reporting to engaging employees and building relationships with key stakeholders. The challenges facing travel managers stem from the different numbers of travellers […]
Essential Travel Management Hacks for Busy Travel Managers
You can’t get into work any earlier or stay even later. Your only option is to get more efficient with the time you have. To reclaim time in your schedule and get more done in the day, here are four time-saving travel management hacks that will leave you free to focus on the important stuff. […]
How a Leisure Booking Site Shook Up the World of Business Travel
Business travel is no holiday. Time, budget and all the comforts of a home away from home are top priorities. You need to ensure the happiness of all your stakeholders and make the right call, every time. You go where business takes you – and Booking.com’s mission is to help you every step of the […]
How Successful Travel Managers Cope with Chaos
4 key actions for less stress and an optimised process. For travel managers, dealing with pressure isn’t an option. It’s an expected part of the job. And, while chaos hopefully isn’t part of your everyday work schedule, it’s likely there are days that could be better. So what can you do to cope with chaos […]