Business Travel Organisers: Make Room for Mindfulness
‘Mindfulness’ has attracted a lot of hype in the press and social media recently. From Google to the US Army, companies and organisations have been lining up to extol the benefits of mindfulness for work effectiveness. So, what’s all the fuss about? Does mindfulness really lead to greater effectiveness at work for people in high-pressure […]
Three Tips for a Sustainable Business Travel Plan
Attitudes of a new generation – the millennials – is reshaping how companies interact with not only their customers, but their staff too. Sustainability, green issues, charity, all of these are now becoming an essential component of a business in terms of how it’s viewed. A report has shown that a third of consumers say […]
4 Steps to Increase Adoption of Digital Tools for Business Travellers
Technology is empowering, but it is not always easy to get employees to adopt new technology. Business travellers might find themselves too busy to learn a new system or they are reluctant to change an old habit. These four steps will help you implement any new tool correctly and get all travellers on board. Step […]
2018’s Top Trends in Travel Data That You Need To Watch Out
Data accuracy has long been the focus of business travel buyers. Emerging trends in travel data offer buyers, as well as travellers, better access to data and more transparency in travel options and deals. Not only that information can be collected in a timely and cost-efficiently manner, but the increased capacity of analysing data also […]
Health Made Easy: Simple Steps to a Healthier Work Environment
In a perfect world, we’d all have plenty of time and motivation to work out and eat healthy every day. Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world. Business travel organisers and other professionals in high-pressure jobs often have enough on their plates. It’s hard to make time to hit the treadmill or prepare […]
Keeping Your Travellers Safe: Choosing a Business Travel Safety Partner
Did you know there’s an entire industry devoted to the health and safety of business travellers? Major companies like International SOS and Control Risks now offer a full range of employee protection services throughout the world. If your company’s employees regularly travel to high-risk locations or countries that lack reliable medical infrastructure, these travel health/safety […]
Choosing the Right Business Travel Insurance
Finding the best business travel insurance policy can be a difficult task. There are many options to consider. Here’s what you need to know.
Risky Business: Managing Your Company’s Business Travel Risks
Does your company have a backup plan in case an employee is injured while travelling for business?
When Travel Policy Turns Into Travel Politics
Being a travel manager isn’t for the faint-hearted. There’s conflicting agendas to think about, office fires to extinguish and fraught negotiating games to play. Sometimes all in a day’s work. From travellers to senior management, and from suppliers, your TMC and through to your own team members, it takes an emotionally and socially capable person […]