Better Insights in Hotel Room Prices with the City Benchmarking Tool

Better Insights in Hotel Room Prices with the City Benchmarking Tool

by Meera Lakhani May 09, 2018

“The most damaging phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it this way!'” The famous quote from legendary Admiral and computer expert Grace Hopper is a great way to sum up how a lot of travel managers still view the best way of finding those every important corporate discounts.

Since time immemorial it’s been a case of negotiated rates – trying to wrangle a deal months in advance with the same old hotel companies in the hope of shaving a few bucks off here and there. But with prices constantly changing, why chain yourself to something that far in advance?


What if there was a way to get the best deals, in one place, at the touch of a button – for pretty much any city on your company’s travel itinerary?


That’s where our trailblazing new benchmarking tool comes in.


Designed and developed by’s business intelligence team and built on an internal dashboard called tableau. Just type in a city and see the average price throughout the year.  


The City benchmarking tool shows you the average prices – genius or standard, depending on what properties offer – for all properties in cities and districts you select.


After making a selection, you can see things such as average price, minimum price, maximum price for the next 12 months.


You can also drill down into the finer details too, because the tool allows you to even select things such as city, or even the specific areas of the city, and then choose the class of hotel to search for. You can choose a meal plan, whether check-in is on a work day or weekend, and whether you want a flexible booking.

Once the choices are made a list is generated giving you the average, minimum and maximum prices by month for the whole year ahead. Simple.


For example, did you think you’d be able to find a room in New York? One of the world’s most expensive travel destinations, for as little as €72 for a February stay? Or how about London for a mere €47?


Come and check it out, just click on the link below and one of our experts will run you through it. It could be the start of something big!


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