Business Travel for People with a Disability: Tips for Travel Managers | for Business

Does it ever occur to you that as a travel manager you can be a real force for good in society? People with a disability continue to experience a lack of opportunities in a number of areas. Business travel is often one of those areas.

Travellers with special requirements

The travel policies and programmes you put in place are of course designed to get your business travellers from A to B in the smoothest possible way, while making best use of company resources.

But that same buying power, access to data, and organisational expertise you pride yourself on, can also help shift some of the stigma around disability that still exists around the world, and indeed even in your own organisation.

We know it can be a tricky balance trying to fulfil your duty of care towards your travellers, while keeping costs down and staying on the right side of anti-discrimination legislation. That’s why support for travellers with special requirements should never be an afterthought.

Practical support for business travellers with a disability or medical condition

Our short e-guide will help you look at some of the challenges people with a disability or a medical condition face while travelling for business. We’ll provide some practical tips on how to prevent and deal with those challenges during each stage of the travel journey.

We’ll look at some of the core elements which you, your team and/or your travel management company need to be aware of when developing your travel policy and data management systems. We’ll also provide some insights to help you encourage your travellers to stay within policy when booking, while at the same time keeping your third-party providers on their toes.

Force for good

Most importantly, our e-guide will remind you of your unique role in supporting people with a disability when travelling as part of their job.

We also hope that by promoting some of the successful travel experiences of your staff with a disability, you may encourage other colleagues who may not yet have found the confidence to do so.