Business Travel Organisers: Here’s Your Guide to a More Effective 2018

Business Travel Organisers: Here’s Your Guide to a More Effective 2018

by Sarah Kuenzer February 28, 2018

Now that 2017 is behind us, it’s a great time to reflect on how we might have done things more effectively as business travel organisers. With industry insiders predicting that 2018 will largely be a continuation of last year’s business travel trends, here’s our chance for a do-over! Why not take advantage of 2018’s stable environment to streamline your company’s business travel planning and management? To get things off to a good start, for Business has released a new e-book full of tips and hacks for making 2018 your most effective year yet.

Budget Blues? Think Again!

If you spent 2017 verging on a nervous breakdown over your travellers’ spending habits, you’ve definitely earned your glass or two of champagne on New Year’s Eve. You’re not alone either: budget planning is one of the greatest concerns a business travel organiser faces. The new e-book from for Business help you plot a realistic course for spending – and saving – in the year ahead.

Compliance Chaos? Not This Time!

It’s a tough job making sure everyone follows the rules, but somebody’s got to do it. There’s no better time than now to finally tackle those policy compliance issues that have given you so much hassle in the past. Try turning the tables this year by creating a more open culture. Start a dialogue with your employees to figure out a new compliance regime you can all live with. The e-book contains tips and links to handy resources to get you moving in the right direction.

Communications Breakdown? A Thing of the Past!

Reboot your communications in 2018 with new technologies and good, old-fashioned face-to-face team discussions. If you felt left in the dark in 2017, shine a light in 2018 with free apps that enable you to keep in touch with your travellers wherever they are: where there’s WiFi, there’s a way. And don’t forget to call a daily ‘stand-up’ meeting to check the pulse in your team.


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