Data and Trust at the GBTA Ladders Summit 2019

Data and Trust at the GBTA Ladders Summit 2019

by Taimour Azizuddin May 08, 2019 for Business will be at the GBTA Ladders Summit 2019 next week in Washington, D.C. This year the focus is on the relationship between buyers and suppliers in the travel ecosystem. We’ll discuss how these relationship dynamics are evolving as the industry continues to move towards data driven decision making:

  • Do relationships matter as much as they did a decade ago? 
  • How do we start believing each other while building trust in the travel industry without perfect data? 
  • Is the current RFP procurement process broken or relevant given dynamic pricing and yield-management practices? 
  • Can technology modernize this exchange and the concept of a program, or should we scrap it all together?

We are excited to have Dustin Hill, Key Account Manager for Business Travel, as a panelist at the event. If you’re attending, check out our panel!

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