High-Tech Procurement: How New Technologies Will Change Business Travel Spending | Booking.com for Business

We’ve all been amazed at the incredible pace of technological change over the past decade. Things are only going to keep improving from now on as technologies become ‘smarter’ and more capable of navigating the real world with artificial intelligence. This is definitely the case when it comes to travel procurement, which is currently on the verge of some amazing breakthroughs.

The new eBook from Booking.com for Business brings you up to speed on the latest developments in travel procurement tech. Disruptive, ‘predictive’ technologies are currently on the rise. These are software solutions that will give procurement teams unprecedented oversight and control over their companies’ travel spending. Among the advantages will be a whole new level of user-friendliness, as technologies help business travellers manage their travel plans and steer them towards better choices. Most excitingly, these technologies will open up new role for procurement managers, allowing them to move into a more strategic, consultative position within their organisations.

A New Role for Travel Procurement

Technology will take over the cost-control functions that currently take up large portions of an average procurement manager’s day. At the same time, these technologies will gather and analyse data on traveller behaviour. This will give procurement managers insight to negotiate better contracts with suppliers and contribute to creating more effective travel policies.

As part of a broader shift towards stronger company values, new procurement technologies will make cost-control easier than ever, so procurement’s role will be on preserving and upholding company values. Employee satisfaction, traveller experience and even the company’s environmental stance can all figure into travel policy and spending decisions in ways that were previously much harder to quantify.

Is your company’s procurement team ready for the tech-driven future that’s just around the corner? Be sure to check out the new eBook for a detailed look at this fascinating topic, as well as some tips for turning your travel procurement management into a business strategy powerhouse.