Keeping Your Travellers Safe: Choosing a Business Travel Safety Partner | for Business

Did you know there’s an entire industry devoted to the health and safety of business travellers? Major companies like International SOS and Control Risks now offer a full range of employee protection services throughout the world. If your company’s employees regularly travel to high-risk locations or countries that lack reliable medical infrastructure, these travel health/safety providers can literally be a lifesaver.

A new eBook from for Business explores the fast-growing business travel health/safety industry. It helps you as a business travel manager to navigate the market for a trustworthy travel health/safety partner. It also looks at some of the exciting new technological breakthroughs in the field of ‘telehealth’ which are making it possible to provide healthcare at ever greater distances between doctors and patients.

Full service and expertise

If one of your company’s travellers has a medical emergency while working abroad, a local partner on the ground is an indispensable benefit. Travel health/safety providers like International SOS network with local health and safety professionals throughout the world, so your travellers always have a qualified helping hand whenever – and wherever – they need it.

Yet, on-location health is just one of the services these companies provide. They can also offer pre-travel risk assessments, medical examinations, on-site security, and safety inspections. Having a clear view of the risks your employees face is the first step towards offering comprehensive safety and protection.

A smart business investment

It’s always a wise choice for a company to invest in its employees’ safety and health. Plus, in many countries, employers are required by law to ensure the health and safety of their workers on the job – even if their workers travel across the world. Does your company have a full backup plan, in case something goes wrong during a business trip?

Partnering with a competent business travel health/safety provider is an excellent option for creating a total safety net for your company’s business travellers. Read the new eBook from for Business to learn more about choosing the right partner to help manage your company’s travel-related risks.