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3 Bizarre Travel Scenarios… And What Travel Managers Can Do About Them

3 Bizarre Travel Scenarios… And What Travel Managers Can Do About Them

by Thibaut Leroux July 03, 2018 Business Travel Trends, Work effectiveness

If you travel long enough and often enough, something strange is bound to happen. But, when bizarre situations strike, what

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High-Tech Procurement: How New Technologies Will Change Business Travel Spending

by Thibaut Leroux June 25, 2018 Costs savings & budget control

We’ve all been amazed at the incredible pace of technological change over the past decade. Things are only going to

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Weary Business Travellers: Check Out These 9 Inspirational Quotes

by Meera Lakhani June 25, 2018 Work effectiveness

We’ve previously shared 9 travel quotes to inspire business travellers. But sometimes we all need an extra dose of inspiration

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How to Improve Travel Management Cost-Savings [new guide]

by Sarah Kuenzer June 19, 2018 Costs savings & budget control

When the pressure is on to drive further cost savings in your travel programme, what can you do?

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How Geopolitical Threats Could Impact Your Business Travel Plans

by Thibaut Leroux June 12, 2018 Travel management

The world can be a dangerous place. Conflict, political instability and terrorism have created a perfect storm of problems that

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All You Need to Know About Managing Delays and Disruptions in Business Travel

by Sarah Kuenzer June 05, 2018 Travel management

Travel managers might find their duty of care challenged during travel delays and disruptions. With a deeper understanding of the

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Team Traveller: The Playbook for Engaging Business Travellers

by Sarah Kuenzer May 23, 2018 Work effectiveness

The new eBook from for Business is a complete playbook for managers to turn business travel into a vital

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Business Travel Organisers: Make Room for Mindfulness

by Meera Lakhani May 15, 2018 Work effectiveness

‘Mindfulness’ has attracted a lot of hype in the press and social media recently. From Google to the US Army,

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Better Insights in Hotel Room Prices with the City Benchmarking Tool

by Meera Lakhani May 09, 2018 Costs savings & budget control

“The most damaging phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it this way!'” The famous quote from legendary Admiral

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Three Tips for a Sustainable Business Travel Plan

by Thibaut Leroux May 02, 2018 Travel management

Attitudes of a new generation – the millennials – is reshaping how companies interact with not only their customers, but

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