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How Female Business Travellers Can Stay Safe

by Meera Lakhani December 04, 2017 Duty of Care

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How to Survive a Business Trip with a Colleague You Don’t Know

by Meera Lakhani November 24, 2017 Work effectiveness

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A Changing World: Dealing with Increased Travel Risk

by Sarah Kuenzer November 24, 2017 Duty of Care

It’s thought that 85% of travel programmes now include risk management protocols. This stat is no surprise when you consider the

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The Rules of Business Drinks

by Thibaut Leroux November 15, 2017 Travel management

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Why Duty of Care for Business Travellers Makes Business Sense

by Meera Lakhani November 15, 2017 Duty of Care

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Business Travel Guru?

by Sarah Kuenzer November 03, 2017 Work effectiveness

We all have the feeling we’re living in a movie from time to time, especially when we’re travelling.

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Bleisure Travel: The New Key to Employee Engagement

by Thibaut Leroux November 01, 2017 Work effectiveness

Research suggests that 30% of employees would accept a lower paying position if it meant travelling more for work –

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How Automation is Changing the Business Travel Landscape

by Meera Lakhani November 01, 2017 Work effectiveness

Since 2014, there are more mobile devices in the world than people. Based on this, it’s no wonder that modern

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Five Tech Trends Making Life Easier for Business Travellers

by Thibaut Leroux October 20, 2017 Business Travel Trends has found that 97% of global travellers believe technology makes it easier for them to book trips. 

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How to Protect Your Travellers from Cyber Attacks

by Meera Lakhani October 20, 2017 Duty of Care

6 Actions To Increase Cyber Security Did you know that an estimated 40% of data breaches are caused by external

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