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Your Out of Office Is a Security Threat. Here’s What to Do About It

by Meera Lakhani September 15, 2017 Work effectiveness

When you’re heading away, for work or leisure, writing an out of office is one of the last things on

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Want Happier Travellers? Focus on These Four Areas

by Cristina Sainz September 15, 2017 Work effectiveness

Studies suggest that half of business travellers find being away from their family stressful. While it’s probably impossible to ease every

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Six Brilliant Hacks Every Smart Business Traveller Needs to Know

by Thibaut Leroux September 12, 2017 Work effectiveness

Productive, efficient and modern business travellers are tech savvy and super-organised. From mastering the art of packing to maximising your

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Why Visuals are the Key to Communicating with Business Travellers

by Meera Lakhani September 11, 2017 Travel management

And how to get everyone to read your travel policy. Humans love visual material. According to studies, coloured visuals increase

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8 Ways to Manage Hotel Budgets – Without Getting in the Way of Work

by Cristina Sainz September 07, 2017 Costs savings & budget control

When you’re used to both booking the travel and being the traveller yourself, it’s easy to get caught spending more

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Why You Need a Holistic Approach to Travel Risk Management

by Cristina Sainz September 07, 2017 Duty of Care

Every business traveller has individual needs and requirements. So, why do we send them all off on their travels with

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How Data and Technology are Transforming the Travel Manager’s Role

by Cristina Sainz August 31, 2017 Work effectiveness

As the travel industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate, the skillset required by travel managers is following suit,

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Top Ten Business Travel Tips

by Cristina Sainz August 31, 2017 Work effectiveness

Congrats! You’re about to plan your next business trip. The dates are set, the meetings are booked – all you

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Five Tips for Growing Your Business Network While on the Road

by Cristina Sainz August 24, 2017 Work effectiveness

Networking is a vital business skill, and it’s not just for jobseekers. Entrepreneurs and managers, especially in small- to mid-sized

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Persuasion: The Secret to Increasing Travel Policy Compliance

by Cristina Sainz August 24, 2017 Travel management

Travel managers have a lot to deal with; from sourcing new suppliers to reporting on spend to trying to keep

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