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Top Ten Business Travel Tips

by Cristina Sainz August 31, 2017 Work effectiveness

Congrats! You’re about to plan your next business trip. The dates are set, the meetings are booked – all you

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Five Tips for Growing Your Business Network While on the Road

by Cristina Sainz August 24, 2017 Work effectiveness

Networking is a vital business skill, and it’s not just for jobseekers. Entrepreneurs and managers, especially in small- to mid-sized

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Persuasion: The Secret to Increasing Travel Policy Compliance

by Cristina Sainz August 24, 2017 Travel management

Travel managers have a lot to deal with; from sourcing new suppliers to reporting on spend to trying to keep

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Find the Right People: Essential Skills Every Travel Manager Needs

by Ivana Zakova August 16, 2017 Work effectiveness

Knowing who to hire for any job is a skill in itself. Knowing how many people to hire, what positions

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How Technology Has Inspired a Business Travel Transformation

by Patrick Post August 01, 2017 Business Travel Trends

Technology inspires business travellers and fuels their expectations. It’s completely changed the travel booking process and made going through a

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Top 9 European Hotels with the Best WiFi for Business Travel

by Patrick Post July 28, 2017 Work effectiveness

Stay connected while travelling for business. There’s nothing worse than checking into a beautiful, well-located hotel only to discover the

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How to Manage Passive Business Traveller Spending

by Ivana Zakova July 20, 2017 Costs savings & budget control

Passive business traveller spending refers to expenses that result from unintentional decisions made by the employee. It includes taxes, fees

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The Impact of Open Bookings on Spend Reporting

by Ivana Zakova July 19, 2017 Reporting spend to management

25% of the travel buyers we surveyed said that direct bookings and rogue travellers are a key challenge of theirs.

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11 Travel Destinations Where Your Data Will Probably Be Compromised

by Ivana Zakova July 19, 2017 Work effectiveness

We’re all at risk from corporate data theft when travelling for business. It’s estimated that 40% of data breaches are caused by

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Is Business Travel the Key to Happiness at Work?

by Ivana Zakova July 19, 2017 Business Travel Trends

People are more likely to find happiness by spending money on experiences rather than objects. But does this thinking apply to business

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