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3 Challenges Facing Travel Managers … And How to Overcome Them

by Ivana Zakova May 23, 2017 Work effectiveness

Travel managers all face different hurdles at work. Although we often have similar goals and objectives, our specific challenges can

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Two Reasons Modern Travel Managers Also Need to be Data Analysts

by Ivana Zakova May 23, 2017 Work effectiveness

The skills required by modern travel managers are changing. In particular, a report by Radius Travel uncovered that 51% of surveyed

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Essential Travel Management Hacks for Busy Travel Managers

by Patrick Post April 24, 2017 Work effectiveness

You can’t get into work any earlier or stay even later. Your only option is to get more efficient with

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How Successful Travel Managers Cope with Chaos

by Patrick Post April 10, 2017 Work effectiveness

4 key actions for less stress and an optimised process. For travel managers, dealing with pressure isn’t an option. It’s

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4 Tools to Stay on Top of Business Travel Trends

by Dominique Smals April 10, 2017 Work effectiveness

As travel managers, we face a significant challenge: how do we stay on top of changing travel tech trends and

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How a Leisure Booking Site Shook Up the World of Business Travel

by Ivana Zakova April 10, 2017 Travel management

Business travel is no holiday. Time, budget and all the comforts of a home away from home are top priorities.

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How to Map Your Travel Policy to Your Cultural Values

by Ivana Zakova March 29, 2017 Travel management

When it comes to cultural values, there’s no such thing as right or wrong. Each company is different. The same

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Travel Management Programme: How to Satisfy Key Stakeholder Needs

by Patrick Post March 29, 2017 Travel management

Senior Leadership, Finance, HR and Business Travellers will all have opinions, views and ideas on your travel management programme. But,

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When Business Travel Goes Wrong: 5 Tips to Prepare Colleagues

by Patrick Post March 07, 2017 Duty of Care

It’s impossible to mitigate all risk from business travel.  And, as companies expand to new markets, the risks for business

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How to Improve Travel Policy Compliance and Keep Budgets in Check

by Dominique Smals March 07, 2017 Travel management

Working out how and where to allocate travel budget can be tricky. Under-allocate and you’ll either have grumpy travellers staying

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