Risky Business: Managing Your Company’s Business Travel Risks | Booking.com for Business

Does your company have a backup plan in case an employee is injured while travelling for business? If not, you’re not alone. According to recent reporting by the International Travel and Health Insurance Journal, an astonishing 41 % of HR professionals recently stated that their companies’ travel policy does not include a risk management strategy.

As the number of business travellers worldwide continues to expand, travel managers sometimes face tough questions about employee health and safety. A new eBook from Booking.com for Business breaks down what an employer’s ‘duty of care’ means for business travellers – and how to start creating an effective risk management policy.

Caring for business travellers

Employers are obligated by law in many countries to exercise ‘due care’ towards their employees. This means they must guarantee their employees’ safety and well-being during working hours. But, what does that mean for an employee who jets across the world to do his or her job?

Global business travel is changing the way we do business. At the same time, it’s making duty of care increasingly complex. How can companies live up to their obligations to protect their people?

The solution is to create a detailed risk management strategy. If you’re not sure how, then the insider tips in the eBook are a great place to start.

Risk assessment made easy

The eBook helps you conduct a detailed business travel risk assessment, so you can be sure your risk management strategy covers every topic relevant to your company and its travellers. Travel health and safety are high on the list of priorities, but don’t forget other kinds of risks.

For example, do your travellers carry sensitive company data on their laptops or mobile devices? Considering that about 38% of data security breaches take place on hotel WiFi networks, cyber security is a growing risk that must also be considered nowadays.

Spotting risks is step one towards creating a safer, more careful working environment for your company’s business travellers. Once you know the risks, you’re ready to develop a comprehensive risk management strategy. Be sure to check out this new eBook from Booking.com for Business to find out more. Plus, check out parts two and three of the three-part eBook series devoted to the latest topics in business travel risk management and insurance.