Six Brilliant Hacks Every Smart Business Traveller Needs to Know | for Business

Productive, efficient and modern business travellers are tech savvy and super-organised. From mastering the art of packing to maximising your downtime at the airport, this blog post will help you travel smarter and enjoy the rewards that follow.

Seek recommended accommodation

Most business travellers will have experienced the frustration of arriving at their hotel only to find a lack of in-room WiFi or a property besieged by a rowdy stag do.

The secret lies in finding destinations that have been recommended by other business travellers. Spend time looking at verified reviews, and you’ll find unexpected forms of accommodation that will provide the perfect respite during your trip.

Be airport and air mile smart

Frequent business travellers are often loyal to one airline, and for a good reason; they receive great perks, reward schemes and the odd upgrade.

Combine that strategy with a desire to maximise your stay at the airport (get there early and make use of the lounge to get extra work done), and you won’t waste time travelling.

Rely on travel apps

Travel tech can help you make business journeys easier than ever before:

  • Expenses: say goodbye to piles of receipts and lost expense claims with apps like Expensify and BizXpenseTracker that digitise this vital business travel task.
  • Boarding passes: many airlines adopting platforms like Apple’s Wallet, you can now store essential travel docs safely on your smartphone.
  • Itinerary: apps like TripIt enable you to keep your travel plans in one place – no more paper!
  • Business travel is also unpredictable, which is why makes sense to use a tool that enables you to find accommodation at short notice.

Master the art of packing

The smartest business travellers are those who travel light and have everything to hand at all times.

Most of us know to stick to carry-on luggage. But, if you travel regularly, try keeping partially packed luggage at the ready by replenishing toiletries and essentials after each trip.

Sweat the small stuff

The little details will make big differences while travelling for business. Make sure the bank knows you’re heading abroad to avoid any issues with using your cards in foreign countries and digitise as much of your travel documentation as possible.

You’ll doubtless have several devices that rely on battery power too, so make sure they’re fully charged before heading off and remember those plug adaptors! Finally, check, check and then re-check your luggage again before you leave home.

Find time to chill out

Business travel is stressful, which might account for why 49% of travellers extended their trips to enjoy the destination in 2016. It’s vital that you find time to enjoy yourself. ‘Bleisure’ trips (combining business and leisure) are becoming increasingly common, so why not add a few extra days to explore the world while travelling?

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