The Future of NDC (New Distribution Capability) | for Business

New Distribution Capability, or NDC, is a new XML based data transmission standard. NDC creates opportunities to standardize data transfer across airlines, travel sellers, and travel buyers; however, it also brings up questions around how it will impact the travel industry. Questions on NDC’s impact on competition, and the impact it may have on TMC’s, continue to be debated by the industry.

Join us for a webinar, hosted by ProcureCon, where industry experts from Novo Nordisk, Edgewell Personal Care, and PPD will examine the impact of NDC on the corporate travel industry. The webinar will address questions around the advent of NDC, advantages to travelers and organizations, and potential impacts on key industry players.

The webinar will take place this Thursday, August 22nd, at 1pm EDT. You can register here. A recording will also be available for those who cannot attend.