Tools That Will Help You Influence Travellers’ Behaviours

Tools That Will Help You Influence Travellers’ Behaviours

by Sarah Kuenzer April 17, 2018

While technology empowers business travellers to get better and cheaper options, it tends to make open bookings more prevalent and potentially creates more work for travel managers. The solution is to not take away from travellers their new freedom. The better strategy is influencing behaviours through learning your travellers’ pain points and adapting policy to show that you care.

Travel managers can make use of technology advances and digital tools to achieve the goal of influencing. Tools in these four areas are particularly helpful: exchanging feedback, creating visual content, searching for the best travel deals and rewarding in-policy behaviours.

Use feedback to start a two-way conversation


Feedback represents the two-way communication between travel managers and travellers. Aim for a tool that is easy to set up and send surveys, as well as reviews and analyses both qualitative and quantitative data. Ideally, the software should be available on multiple devices. Great tools to consider are TINYPulse , 15Five and Typeform.

Get visual to break down communication barriers


With the help of visual tools, travel managers can create an engaging travel policy and training materials that travellers will read and remember. The key is to get tools that are easy to use for even non-designers so that you can create not just infographics but presentations, printable posters and the like. You can start by checking out  Visual Travel Policy Builder by, Canva and Piktochart.

Use metasearch engines to give travellers access to great deals

Metasearch engines give travellers access to multiple deals within seconds so that they can make informed decisions. Providing they are secured, travellers should be allowed to use them when planning their business trip. Aim to include search engines that are easy to use and transparent with results. Some sites to check out are Kayak, Skyscanner and Hipmunk.

Reward positive behaviour


Rewarding in-policy behaviour is a great way to reinforce the desired action. The right tools will offer suitable types of rewards while being fun, interactive, and social. Travel managers can check out tools like Rocketrip  or Ovantage to encourage travellers to spend less and stay within the policy.


The key to policy compliance is no longer strict rules and punishments. It’s influencing and rewarding. If there are tools that might help you to achieve such goals, while not use them?


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