Duty of Care

What Business Owners Need to Know about Travel Insurance for Work

by Jerry July 25, 2018 Duty of Care

Getting your head around travel insurance for work is yet another thing on your list. To help, this post aims

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Why Hotel Choice and Proximity To Destination Are Key For Business Travel Bookings

by Jerry July 23, 2018 Duty of Care

Picture the scene: you arrive at your destination after a long flight, weary, hungry and thinking about nothing more than

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Safe Business Travel: Your Responsibilities for Employees On The Road

Safe Business Travel: Your Responsibilities for Employees On The Road

by Jerry July 18, 2018 Duty of Care

As a business leader, you’ve probably spent countless hours on the road – and know a thing or two about

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Keeping Your Travellers Safe: Choosing a Business Travel Safety Partner

by Jerry April 04, 2018 Duty of Care

Did you know there’s an entire industry devoted to the health and safety of business travellers? Major companies like International

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Choosing the Right Business Travel Insurance

by Jerry March 28, 2018 Duty of Care

Business travel insurance is the most comprehensive way to protect your company’s employees and property from travel-related risks. Yet, finding

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Risky Business: Managing Your Company’s Business Travel Risks

by Jerry March 20, 2018 Duty of Care

Does your company have a backup plan in case an employee is injured while travelling for business? If not, you’re

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The Only Guide You Need for Safe and Worry-Free Business Travel

by Jerry February 22, 2018 Duty of Care

As business travellers are facing increasing risks, companies need to extend their duty of care adequately to ensure worry-free business

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Business Travel for People with a Disability: Tips for Travel Managers

by Jerry February 13, 2018 Duty of Care

Does it ever occur to you that as a travel manager you can be a real force for good in

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How Female Business Travellers Can Stay Safe

by Jerry December 04, 2017 Duty of Care

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A Changing World: Dealing with Increased Travel Risk

by Jerry November 24, 2017 Duty of Care

It’s thought that 85% of travel programmes now include risk management protocols. This stat is no surprise when you consider the

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