The Future of Business Travel
Discover the future of business travel from the present day to 2050. Trend predictions and timelines showing what to expect in the future
The rise of bleisure: combining leisure with business travel
The rise of bleisure: combining leisure with business travel
Travel Tech Essentials for Business Travellers has found that 97% of global travellers believe technology makes it easier for them to book trips.
The Future of NDC (New Distribution Capability)
New Distribution Capability, or NDC, is a new XML based data transmission standard. NDC creates opportunities to standardize data transfer
How a New Generation of Business Traveller is Rewriting the Rules
“Business traveller.” For many, the term evokes an image of a middle-aged man, briefcase in hand, rushing for a flight
3 Bizarre Travel Scenarios… And What Travel Managers Can Do About Them
If you travel long enough and often enough, something strange is bound to happen. But, when bizarre situations strike, what
2018’s Top Trends in Travel Data That You Need To Watch Out
Data accuracy has long been the focus of business travel buyers. Emerging trends in travel data offer buyers, as well as travellers, better access to data and more transparency in travel options and deals. Not only that information can be collected in a timely and cost-efficiently manner, but the increased capacity of analysing data also […]
3 Emerging Destinations Rewriting the Business Travel Rulebook
Modern business travel provides the opportunity to explore. Gone are the days when you’d travel for work, only to find you never leave your hotel room, except for meetings. There’s a new generation of business traveller, who knows the importance of mixing business and leisure when travelling. This trend, combined with the rise of business […]
20 Business Destination Transfer Times You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner
Your plane has landed on the tarmac and taxied to the terminal building. You breathe a sigh of relief, as you’re almost at your destination – right? Depending on the airport, and the business destination transfer times, you might have a bit longer to wait before you finally get to your accommodation. It only takes, […]