Procurement Executive’s Outlook: The Future of Travel Spending
These are exciting times for procurement managers. A new generation is on the rise in the workforce, and disruptive, innovative technologies are adding new dimensions to the procurement executive’s role. This is already starting to impact the way companies look at business travel spending. A new eBook from for Business provides an insider perspective […]
High-Tech Procurement: How New Technologies Will Change Business Travel Spending
We’ve all been amazed at the incredible pace of technological change over the past decade. Things are only going to keep improving from now on
How to Improve Travel Management Cost-Savings [new guide]
When the pressure is on to drive further cost savings in your travel programme, what can you do?
Reporting on hotel spending: An in-depth analysis
Reporting on hotel spending can be a real drag; you need to gather the data, make sense of it, write the report and then produce the charts. It’s both draining and time consuming.Your travel management programme relies on this data, and if you’re a travel manager, there are a few things you can do to […]
4 Ways Business Travel Insurance Can Help the Bottom Line
Now that 2017 is behind us, it’s a great time to reflect on how we might have done things more effectively as business travel organisers. With industry insiders predicting that 2018 will largely be a continuation of last year’s business travel trends, here’s our chance for a do-over! Why not take advantage of 2018’s stable […]
8 Ways to Manage Hotel Budgets – Without Getting in the Way of Work
When you’re used to both booking the travel and being the traveller yourself, it’s easy to get caught spending more than you need to on hotels. Last minute plans or changes to your schedule mean you’re focussing on the business priorities rather than the actual cost. The wrong room rate or location can end up […]
How to Manage Passive Business Traveller Spending
Passive business traveller spending refers to expenses that result from unintentional decisions made by the employee. It includes taxes, fees and other costs that simply occur as a result of the person doing their job. Although some of the spending might be unavoidable, if you aren’t managing passive spending, you might be building unnecessary costs […]
A New Approach to Cost-Savings in Business Travel
How to reframe the way your business measures travel to optimise spend. In order to support commercial success, travel departments are often tasked with trying to decrease costs. Unfortunately, this usually results in a travel programme riddled with inefficiencies and poor standards for employees. From urging travellers to share rooms to focussing too heavily on negotiated […]
How a Leisure Booking Site Shook Up the World of Business Travel
Business travel is no holiday. Time, budget and all the comforts of a home away from home are top priorities. You need to ensure the happiness of all your stakeholders and make the right call, every time. You go where business takes you – and’s mission is to help you every step of the […]