Six Brilliant Hacks Every Smart Business Traveller Needs to Know
Productive, efficient and modern business travellers are tech savvy and super-organised. From mastering the art of packing to maximising your downtime at the airport, this blog post will help you travel smarter and enjoy the rewards that follow. Seek recommended accommodation Most business travellers will have experienced the frustration of arriving at their hotel only […]
Top Ten Business Travel Tips
Congrats! You’re about to plan your next business trip. The dates are set, the meetings are booked – all you need to do now is get the flight and accommodation sorted. … But before you rush off to book a room for the night, check out our top ten business travel tips infographic. When you’re […]
Five Tips for Growing Your Business Network While on the Road
Networking is a vital business skill, and it’s not just for jobseekers. Entrepreneurs and managers, especially in small- to mid-sized companies, rely on strong networks to create new business opportunities, improve their skills and keep up with the latest developments.There’s no reason your networking activities should stop when you leave town for a business trip. […]
Top 9 European Hotels with the Best WiFi for Business Travel
Stay connected while travelling for business. There’s nothing worse than checking into a beautiful, well-located hotel only to discover the WiFi is sluggish and unreliable – especially when you’re travelling for business. Worse still, being asked to pay a sizeable fee for the privilege of using what is now one of life’s essentials can ruin […]
11 Travel Destinations Where Your Data Will Probably Be Compromised
We’re all at risk from corporate data theft when travelling for business. It’s estimated that 40% of data breaches are caused by external intrusions, and with cyber criminals developing increasingly sophisticated methods for stealing information from business travellers’ mobile devices, vigilance remains key. In this post, we’ve picked out eleven travel destinations where your data is most […]
Two Reasons Modern Travel Managers Also Need to be Data Analysts
The skills required by modern travel managers are changing. In particular, a report by Radius Travel uncovered that 51% of surveyed travel managers believe data analytics skills will become more important in the future. What is changing in the world of business travel that means data analysis is becoming more important? And what can travel managers […]
3 Challenges Facing Travel Managers … And How to Overcome Them
Travel managers all face different hurdles at work. Although we often have similar goals and objectives, our specific challenges can be very different – covering everything from increasing policy compliance and streamlining the reporting to engaging employees and building relationships with key stakeholders. The challenges facing travel managers stem from the different numbers of travellers […]
Essential Travel Management Hacks for Busy Travel Managers
You can’t get into work any earlier or stay even later. Your only option is to get more efficient with the time you have. To reclaim time in your schedule and get more done in the day, here are four time-saving travel management hacks that will leave you free to focus on the important stuff. […]