All You Need to Know About Managing Delays and Disruptions in Business Travel | for Business

Travel managers might find their duty of care challenged during travel delays and disruptions. With a deeper understanding of the financial impact and adequate preparation, you will be able to care for your travellers better. An established procedure during travel disruption is helpful to guide your colleagues through any changes in the travel plan.

Travel delays and disruptions have direct and indirect costs

The former might include last minute tickets, extra accommodation and any meal expenses. If any of those aren’t covered by insurance or compensated by the travel provider, you need to factor them in while budgeting. Productivity lost is an indirect cost of travel delays and disruptions. The drop in productivity is difficult to estimate, but you can alleviate it with remote working tools.

Before sending your colleagues on a business trip, make sure they know their rights as an employee and a consumer in case of travel delays and disruptions. You should also train them about health and safety risks when a trip lasts longer than expected. All that preparation doesn’t mean you can abandon travellers to make their own decisions when the plan changes. Keep an open line of communication to guide them through rebooking travel and arranging work priorities.

As travel manager, you need to set up a procedure for all travellers to follow during travel delays and disruptions. It will help both your colleagues and you during the transition and afterwards when reporting expenses. The best option is a step-by-step guide with clear and visualised instructions. Don’t forget to provide travellers with contact details which they can reach at any time and from anywhere.

By budgeting for the extra costs, preparing for all situations and putting everything on paper, or better yet, in a digital format, you will be ready for the challenge of travel delays and disruptions. Your travellers will be taken care of properly so that they can stay productive even during crisis.