Business Travel Organisers: Make Room for Mindfulness | for Business

Mindfulness’ has attracted a lot of hype in the press and social media recently. From Google to the US Army, companies and organisations have been lining up to extol the benefits of mindfulness for work effectiveness.

So, what’s all the fuss about? Does mindfulness really lead to greater effectiveness at work for people in high-pressure jobs, like business travel organisers?

If you’re new to this topic, like so many of us are, then you won’t want to miss the new Mindfulness eBook from for Business. It skips the hype and gives you straight facts about the scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness. Plus, it contains some easy tips and hacks to help you get the most out of mindfulness around the office.

Just for hippies?

The term ‘mindfulness’ may conjure up images of a hippie commune or a Buddha sitting peacefully on a lotus flower. Don’t let those ‘New Age’ connotations fool you though. Modern mindfulness is all about focussing your full attention on the present, and observing situations very carefully without passing judgment.

Mindfulness has been proven by numerous scientific studies to improve mental capacities. From improving your memory and focus, to stabilising your mood, the list of benefits goes on and on.

You can train your brain to be more mindful through practising meditation or other simple mental exercises. Simply sitting with your eyes closed and focussing very closely on your breathing for a few minutes can already relax you and help you gain more clarity about what’s happening around you.

Low learning curve

One of the greatest advantages of mindfulness is how easy it is to learn. We all have the ability to sit quietly and focus on the present for a few minutes.

In return for the relatively low effort, mindfulness promises incredible benefits. People who practice mindfulness regularly have been found to perform better under pressure, make decisions more easily, be more creative, and even live longer! What business travel organiser wouldn’t enjoy those benefits?!

Find out more about this fascinating, trendy topic in the new eBook from for Business. In it, you’ll find a list of the top 10 incredible benefits of mindfulness, plus many great meditations and other exercises to get you started on the path towards a better, more effective you!