Essential Checklist: Ensure Corporate Travel Policy Compliance | for Business
  • February 19, 2018

Trying to increase corporate travel policy compliance and buy-in from your employees is like “herding cats”, said one travel manager. Little wonder that travel policy compliance is low, which is often due to a lack of communication and an impersonal approach.

“Up to 70 percent of non-compliant employees aren’t even aware that a mandatory policy exists.”

Many travel policies are also over-cooked and thick with company jargon. Making them seem indecipherable and alien. Especially for Gen X and Millennial employees.

Sound familiar?

Start by downloading our essential checklist: How to motivate corporate business travellers to stay in policy.

A must-read for any company struggling with non-compliance, this essential checklist provides a framework to help your businesses travellers stay in policy.

It covers:

Awareness. Do your employees know that your travel policy exists? Have you communicated where they can download and read it?

Better communication. How is your travel policy being perceived and understood?

Compliance. How compliant are your employees, and what are top compliance issues? How can they be solved?

Make it personal. How relevant is the information for each traveller in your organisation?

Simplicity, visibility, availability. Is it possible to strip your policy down of all confusing jargon. Can it be easily found and available 24/7?

Cultural language. Are you speaking in a tone and voice that is suitable for your target audience? Especially Gen X and Millennials?

Ownership. Do you ask for feedback and contributions so that employees feel heard and their needs are being met?

Priorities. Is it possible to find the right balance of travel policy priorities between different departments and user groups?

Feedback. Do you thank your business travellers for their compliance?

Incentives. Are there any incentives to encourage greater compliance?

Training. Do you train your staff on how to use your travel policy? Especially face-to-face?

Duty of care. Does your travel policy cover how you and your employees should react in case of an emergency?

Mix of formats. Do you provide information in multiple formats? Are you aware of how this will help with compliance?

Trends in business travel. Are you aware of the current trends that are affecting the corporate travel industry?

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