How a Leisure Booking Site Shook Up the World of Business Travel | for Business

Business travel is no holiday. Time, budget and all the comforts of a home away from home are top priorities. You need to ensure the happiness of all your stakeholders and make the right call, every time.

You go where business takes you – and’s mission is to help you every step of the way, right from your office to anywhere in the world.

We make booking and managing business travel more comfortable than you thought possible

As more than one in five bookings made on our site are made by business travellers, we strive to understand and surpass the expectations of companies, enterprises and individuals. A business traveller demands the best. So do we.

In the world of business travel, it takes a different set of tools to get things right. We bring the lessons we’ve learned from the leisure booking industry to designing an experience for all our business customers. Need to be as conveniently located as possible, book within company policy and ensure that your company gets complete oversight of all travellers at all times? Want a booking management tool to connect your company’s travellers and book on their behalf (or let them book for themselves without losing oversight), stay on top of reports, make sure everything’s easy to understand, in your language and always with dedicated 24/7 customer support available?

Welcome to for Business

It’s our specially-designed offering for travel organisers and individual travellers. Allowing for seamless booking management that’s conveniently simple and easy to use, for Business builds on the leisure experience to provide an all-in-one solution that works with you, however you need it to.

With enhanced functionality and reporting for travellers, organisers and assistants, we offer a free account platform through which you can manage all your business travel arrangements and make sure you and your company’s travellers get the most out of every business trip.

We design our features with the needs of every one of our customers in mind, just as we work with you to find the perfect partnership. There’s easy and instant access to over 1m+ accommodation options through existing online booking tools like Concur, KDS, Onesto and Atlatos, with no implementation costs or service fees. for Business also offers custom rates and commercial incentives for corporate clients. Even for personal leisure travel, for Business customers enjoy a 10% discount off a large range of hotels and accommodation worldwide.

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