Team Traveller: The Playbook for Engaging Business Travellers | for Business

The new eBook from for Business is a complete playbook for managers to turn business travel into a vital part of your company’s employee engagement strategy.

Employee engagement is critical to any organisation’s success today and it will only increase in importance as more millennials take to the workforce. That’s because millennials are likelier to perform better and stay longer in jobs where they feel engaged.

Being engaged is all about having an emotional, human connection with your work. We feel engaged when we are valued and have freedom and a sense of responsibility. Above all, a strong feeling of belonging to a supportive, friendly team is a key driver for engagement. The eBook cites research showing that 69 percent of employees who have multiple friends at work remain highly engaged.

Focus on teams

Engagement is rooted in human psychology. It’s important to feel like our work is purposeful and we are contributing to something greater than ourselves. This is also why we value our relationships with other people so much. How can companies harness these emotional drivers to let their employees feel like they are part of something special?

It turns out, there are lots of possibilities for companies to do just that – especially when business travel is part of the mix. The new eBook gives numerous suggestions, ranging from simple, low-maintenance initiatives to more elaborate, structural changes. All are designed to inspire travel managers to create a more social, engaging experience for business travellers.

Why is business travel so engaging?

Travel gives employees a greater sense of freedom and autonomy, which makes them feel personally invested in the success of their projects. Plus, millennials often consider travel to be inherently rewarding, so the chance to see the world can be very attractive to them.

There’s a risk that travellers will feel isolated from their company’s culture, though. This is where it becomes very important for companies to consciously cultivate a caring team environment. The eBook helps you take pulse of your company to figure out which engagement initiatives will work best for your travellers. Then, turn to the recommended initiatives to start giving your travellers the happy, team-oriented work environment they long for.