Join us at the Business Travel Show 2019

20-21 February, London

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Attending the Business Travel Show in London this February? So are we!

Come meet the team, hear from our expert speakers and find out what can do for your business travel.

Meet us at the booth

Hear from our speakers

Meet us at the booth

Looking for a better way to manage your business travel? Meet our team at the booth and find out what for Business can do for you.

•  Over 28 million listings worldwide
•  Free to set up, free to use
•  Made to fit your business
•  Available through your OBE or TMC
•  Access exclusive rates and discounts

Hear from our speakers

Hear from Xaveer Fluitman, Regional Director Partnerships, who will participate in a panel about the annual hotel RFP process, where industry leaders discuss how to mix new technologies, pricing methods and supplier engagement techniques to keep your hotel costs firmly pinned down.

•  Location: Pillar Hall
•  Date: Wednesday 20 February
•  Time: 13:00 – 14:00

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