Seven Steps For a Successful Onboarding

Everything you need to get your people on board

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Welcome to our Travel Manager community! Watch this introduction video and read the user guide for more information, then follow the steps below to get started.

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Spread the word

Access a pre-made email template and download the introduction video to announce the launch of in Concur to your travellers. We’ve also created a traveller information page to help get them started.

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You’re live

Now that for Business is live in Concur, let your travellers know about it! Download the materials below and share with your colleagues – some assets can be used online (like the intranet post) and others can be printed and used offline (like the poster), so the choice is yours.

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User guide for bookers (print it or share it online) →
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Access training

Every day is a school day, so we recommend you request further training to ensure you’re maximising for Business. Reach out to your account manager to arrange a session in person or via webinar. In the meantime check out these user guides to keep you up to speed.

User guide for bookers →
User guide for traveller managers →


Check everything works

We’re sure there won’t be any issues, but please check to make sure that everything is working and all your bookings are going through. If you’re unsure, feel free to reach out to your account manager.




Send a reminder

Now that you have confirmed that everything is working correctly, we advise you to send this reminder email to your travellers to show them how to search and book properties in Concur.

Download the reminder email template →


Onboarding completed!

Congratulations, you’ve now completed the onboarding process! Bookings are going through, everyone knows how to make them, and your workday just got a whole lot easier.


*Once all these steps are completed, we advise you to check in with your account manager to review the success of the implementation and ensure you’re getting the most out of for Business.

Download all materials at once

Would you like to have access to all onboarding materials at once? Download them here.

Frequently asked questions

Need answers? Find them here!

We have trip approval functionality enabled in Concur. Does content work with this in the same way as accommodation content from other suppliers?

Yes, content will work with Concur Request. However, please be advised that due to the nature of the booking process, all content is booked instantly while you still may be waiting for your flight and car reservation to be approved.

If I need to modify my booking, should I then contact or my TMC?

Please contact your TMC for further assistance if they have agreed to service bookings.

Can I configure Concur to showcase preferred rates first?

Yes, via the policy configuration you can have your preferred rates show first and then all other rates.

Are amenities different when I book via and what I get with my negotiated rates?

There may be a difference to what you are able to negotiate compared to the amenities you receive with

Is there any way to make a hotel aware that the traveller is travelling on a corporate trip and is from a specific company when booking in Concur?

We have the ability on a TMC level to ensure that the Hotel is aware that the customer is a corporate customer. This isn’t available in Concur today based on Profile information.

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How do I fill in the AID to enable content in Concur?

You can view how to do this in this demo video.

Does Concur or my TMC provide me with reporting/data if I have a Direct License with Concur?

Yes. You can extract data out of Concur and your TMC can provide reporting as well.

Will my employee booking experience change if I integrate content? Is it a punch out?

No, is fully integrated and doesn’t have a punch out solution.

We have a travel policy which allows only to book hotels in Concur, can we filter out other accommodation types?

Yes, you can write policy rules to ensure you only show relevant content.

Why do I only see part of accommodations in Concur while I see many more options in your website?

Content showing in Concur is business travel friendly whereas in you see both leisure and business content.

Does all information flow through to my duty of care provider? (i.e. ISOS is the main one)

Yes, provided it’s booked on Concur or via the TMC (offline).

Why do the prices on Concur differ sometimes from the public prices on

Most of the times the pricing is the same in Concur and on but due to changing availability, pricing may be different sometimes.

How can I enable content in Concur?

You can view how to do this in this demo video.

Which integration possibilities do we have in Concur?

We integrate via Direct connect or TripLink.

I need urgent assistance in modifying my booking

Contact Customer Service by phone. All local phone numbers are listed here. Otherwise, please contact your travel agency.

What is PIN code? reservation are identified by 2 numbers: 

-Reservation number 
-PIN code 

You can find both of them in the email confirmation you received from

I need an invoice

Collect it from the accommodation as they have charged your credit card. is passing the reservation details to the property but is not a merchant.

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