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Welcome to our Travel Manager community! Watch our introduction video and read the user guide for more information, then follow the steps below to get started.

Download the user guide for travel managers →
Watch the introduction video →






Spread the word

Access a pre-made email template and download the introduction video to announce the launch of to your travellers. We’ve also created a traveller information page to help get them started.

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Download and send out the pre-launch email template →
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You’re live

Now that for Business is live, let your travellers know about it! Download the materials below and share with your colleagues – some assets can be used online (like the intranet post) and others can be printed and used offline (like the poster), so the choice is yours.

Send the launch email template →
User guide for bookers (print it or share it online) →
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Access training

Every day is a school day, so we recommend you request further training to ensure you’re maximising the for Business tool. Reach out to your account manager to arrange a session in person or via webinar. In the meantime check out these user guides to keep you up to speed.

User guide for bookers →
User guide for traveller managers →


Check everything works

We’re sure there won’t be any issues, but please check to make sure that everything is working and all your bookings are going through. If you’re unsure, feel free to reach out to your account manager.




Send a reminder

Now that you have confirmed that everything is working correctly, we advise you to send this reminder email showing your travellers how to join the Business account.

Download the reminder email template →


Onboarding completed!

Congratulations, you’ve now completed the onboarding process! Bookings are going through, everyone knows how to make them, and your workday just got a whole lot easier.


*Once all these steps are completed, we advise you to check in with your account manager to review the success of the implementation and ensure you’re getting the most out of for Business.

Download all materials at once

Would you like to have access to all onboarding materials at once? Download them here.

Frequently asked questions

Need answers? Find them here!

What are the benefits of a for Business account?

Benefits to Admins

– There is a contacts feature which makes it easier to book for other people or let them book for themselves without losing overview.
– Everyone connected to a for Business account automatically receives our Genius travel rewards status
– There is a reports tab that lets you view the total spending of your bookings, a breakdown per person or destination and the amount of money you’ve saved.
– You can define travel budgets for specific cities or countries for your travellers.
– Keep track of bookers using map view

Benefits to travellers

– Stay within the company travel policy. As this is an officially recommended tool, all properties offered by are within travel policy.
– Everyone connected to a for Business account automatically receives our Genius travel rewards status.
– There is a reports tab that lets you view the total spending of your bookings, a breakdown per person or destination and the amount of money you’ve saved.
– With a for Business account, you can search by address to get as close to a venue as possible. You can also save specific addresses you often travel to, making it easier to book nearby.
– Travelers can have both, a business and a personal account. They can switch accounts using the account menu in the top right corner.

Where can I get support with my company account?

If you have special requests, or you need to manage or cancel a booking, you can do so yourself by going to the Bookings page. For any other questions or issues, please contact our customer service.

How do I invite colleagues to the company account?

There are several ways to invite people to the company account.

Send invitation: If you’re only inviting a few people, it’s quick and easy to send an invitation email to them.
Import/bulk upload: Upload a group of people quickly using the template spreadsheet.
Create sign-up page: Creating a permanent sign-up page means that users can choose when to sign up.

How will a user know that they are connected to the company business account?

Users will receive an email confirmation that they have successfully joined your corporate account. Once logged in to the platform they can always check in the top right corner where under the name they should see ‘Business account’. If they see ‘Personal account’ they are in their private account. Users can always switch between accounts without logging out of the account.

How can users connect to their company business account if they already have a account with their company email address?

If a user wants to join the for Business tool but has already an account with please follow these steps: 

Go to and click on “log in” and “Forgot password”.
Follow the instructions in the forgotten password email to reset the password.
Go back to the invitation email, click the link and log in with the new password.

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What are roles?

Roles are a way to decide which users can do what on your business account. Some roles have more access rights than others, such as seeing reports and bookings made by others, while others are more restrictive. You can find the description of these roles in this section and customise permissions per role in the ‘Settings’ page.
There are four roles available: contact, booker, travel organiser and admin.

What are user access rights?

User access rights allow you to customise the travel organiser and admin roles to suit your company. For example, you may not want your travel organisers to be able to view the spending breakdown by contact on the reports page. There are a range of different features you can change user access rights for by clicking on the settings page for your company. Please note only admins can change access rights for other roles.

Is there a way to receive all booking confirmations to one email address?

Yes, go to your company settings and add your email address to the shared email address section to receive all confirmations for bookings made on the company account.

Can I approve travel before booking? reservations are instant bookings. We have no approval process at the moment. Your traveller should seek permission to travel and understand their budget before booking.

Is it possible to pre-fill traveller information?

Yes, if you add a contact or invite the traveller to join the tool (“People” page), then when you start booking a property start typing in the traveller’s name into the guest details and they will automatically be added.

How can I check if users have joined the company account?

If you send invitations to your travellers or do bulk upload, you can view all users who already joined the account and the ones invited but not connected under the ‘People’ section. *We strongly recommend to re-send invitations and/or email reminder template to all users who haven’t joined the account.
If you create a sing-up page, you can see all connected users under the ‘People’ section.

How can I check if users are booking travel on the company account?

Admins can view all users who are connected to the account under the  ‘People’ section. Admins can then check if they are booking on the company account by viewing their bookings in the ‘Booking’ section.

Who can modify or cancel bookings?

Bookings made by a booker can be modified by the booker, travel organizer or admin. Bookings made by travel organizers can only be modified by the travel organizer or an admin. 
*If a travel organizer makes a booking on behalf of a connected user, then the user can modify the booking.

What is Genius?

Genius is our loyalty programme. Genius members get access to discounts of at least 10% at selected properties. Some properties also offer extra perks such as free airport shuttles, welcome drinks, and priority late check-out. Under ‘Reports’ you’ll be able to see your company’s Genius savings.

How can I request an invoice from the property?

Your traveller will receive the property invoice during the stay (at check-out). cannot send an invoice to you or your travellers. That’s because when a guest books a property listed on, the reservation becomes a legal agreement between the booker and the accommodation. Therefore only the property can provide you will an invoice. You can always reach out to them and ask them for an invoice in advance or reach out to our 24/7 customer service so they can request it for you. 

Can I pay in advance on behalf of my travellers?

If the property accepts prepayment, simply complete your booking as normal and pay when you complete your reservation. 
*If you want to filter by properties with prepayment option only, then in the results page select ‘Paypal’ filter on the online payment section.

If I make a booking on behalf of a traveller, will they need to show their personal credit card during check-in?

If the booking was made using a credit card that doesn’t belong to the traveller, the traveller should show their own credit card when requested at check-in. The property will only use this card for guarantee purposes and won’t be charged unless it is used for any additional costs incurred by the traveller during their stay (e.g. room service). If the booking was made using the traveller’s personal credit card, they should show that card at check-in. The property will use this card for guarantee purposes and will charge the card for all costs at check-out.
Not all properties are used to charging virtual credit cards or company credit cards. For this reason, we recommend that travellers should always have a credit card with them at check-in.

Can I track where my travellers are?

Travel organisers and admins on the company account can use the Traveller Map (under the ‘Booking’ section) to get an overview of everyone travelling that day, including their names and contact/booking details. 
* In case you have an agreement with iSOS for Duty of Care services, you can reach out to your account manager and request for us to pass your company’s booking information to iSOS

Which bookings are eligible for rebate?

Paid channels are advertised links on search engines that direct you to websites like You can identify them by the ‘Ad.’ or ‘Sponsored’ sign next to the link. Reservations coming through these paid channels are not counted towards your rebate.
Direct channels are links on search engines that direct you to websites like These links are not paid advertisements so the reservations coming through these links are eligible for your company rebate. To ensure you receive your rebate, please advise your users to save and use the link.

Can I download reports?

Yes, In the ‘Reports’ page, you will find an option to export all your booking data to XLS. The data shown is the travel data of your company only.

Can I set budgets?

You can set budgets that apply to all roles, they can be general or by country or city. For example, you can set a general budget for 150 GBP, a budget for the UK for 120 GBP and a specific budget for London for 135 GBP.

Can I add the logo of our company?

Yes, you can go to the settings page and upload the logo of your company. This will appear on the left hand side of this dashboard for every user of the tool.

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