How is creating the Connected Trip

How is creating the Connected Trip

by Alex Panko October 17, 2019
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Over the past two decades, has become a household name when it comes to booking accommodations. Now, the company envisions a future in which it will serve customers as a one-stop solution for all travel-related needs, from package trips to air fare to attractions and beyond. In the years ahead, plans to offer travellers the convenience of a fully ‘connected trip’, in which every aspect of their travel experience can be planned and booked through the company’s familiar, easy-to-use website or mobile app.

The transition towards the ‘connected trip’ has already been in progress for several years at Recently, has been offering its customers the possibility to book rail travel, cruises or other travel-related services. In April 2018, also made headlines by acquiring FareHarbor, a company that offers tour and travel activity planning services.

Beyond accommodations

As one of the most trusted names in the online travel industry, is well positioned to expand beyond accommodations and into all areas of travel planning. The company’s leadership has ambitions of catering to every aspect of the travel experience, enabling customers to do more without having to go to multiple sites or service providers. Besides accommodations, already offers travellers convenient options for booking ground transportation and car rentals. The company recently announced that popular ride-sharing services like Grab will soon be added to its mobile app, for example. You can watch here an interview from PhocusWire with David Adamczyk, Director of strategy in the transportation division at, where he explains more about the Connected Trip and more specifically about the transport strategy. teams up with Grab is partnering with the Southeast Asian ride-sharing service Grab. Starting in 2020, customers will be able to request a ride from Grab via the mobile app. This gives travellers the comfort of knowing they can always get a ride with just the push of a button.

Grab is headquartered in Singapore and currently offers its ride-sharing service in eight countries throughout Southeast Asia, including key business and tourism destinations like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

A one-stop shop for all travel needs has already been offering rental car options along with hotels, apartments and other accommodations for some time now. Under the company’s new ‘connected trip’ strategy, every travel-related service could eventually be booked via smart, data-powered predictive technologies, will offer services based on traveller’s preferences and past choices. can identify a customer’s travel plans and offer other useful services for their trip, such as rental cars, dining reservations, tickets to attractions or shuttle services. Ultimately, travellers booking their trips via can look forward to a personalised, AI-enhanced and truly connected booking experience. To follow’s journey towards the ‘connected trip’ and see what services are already available, visit


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