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How-to guide: Adding Users

How-to guide: Adding Users

Adding users one by one

Under the People tab you can add new users as well as manage all user information.

You can send invitations one by one under the “Send invitations” tab. Select a role for the contact, enter their name and email address and then click “Add”. The person will then receive an email inviting them to join the company account.

Adding users in bulk

You can add a large number of company employees quickly under the “Import/bulk upload” tab.

Download the template spreadsheet and fill it with your contacts’ first names, last names, email addresses, roles and groups. Then, save it as a .xlsx file and upload.

Enable self sign-up

You can also create a branded sign-up page and send to anyone you’d like to join the account. Simply add your logo and domain, turn to active and share the link.

Anyone who signs up will be assigned the booker role, allowing them to book travel and see company budgets and favourite hotels.

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