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How-to guide: Business Destinations

How-to guide: Business Destinations

Speed up and customise your booking process

Business Destinations allow you to set a budget and save important addresses and favourite places to stay for any given city.

You’ll find Business Destinations beneath the main search box on the Search page. To get started click the ‘Add’ button. Then type in your city name, click next, and set a city-specific budget. All bookers in your account will then see if their searches are within budget.

Save frequently visited addresses

Next, under the saved addresses tab you can save important locations such as offices or project sites. This allows bookers to easily find hotels close to where travelers need to be.

Save company favourites

Lastly, under the favourites tab you can enter a property name of a preferred place to stay. These will appear first within search results.

With this set up, admins and travel organisers can go straight to saved addresses or favourite places from the search page for faster bookings.

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