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How-to guide: Manage Bookings

How-to guide: Manage Bookings

Manage bookings effortlessly

Under the Bookings tab you will see a clear overview of all bookings. The bookings visible depend on your user permissions.

The Bookings tab allows you to see and edit upcoming trips, maintain oversight of current trips, and keep an organised record of all past trips.

Upcoming Trips

To see and manage an upcoming trip navigate to the Bookings tab. Next, find your booking and click ‘manage booking’.

Here you can change dates, add a room, view booking confirmation and policies. You can also see the cancellation policy for the booking and cancel if your plans change.

Current Trips

Under the Current trips tab you’ll find all trips currently underway.

Our duty of care feature also helps you keep up with your travelers. You can quickly see where they are staying as well as relevant contact details – great in case of emergencies.

Past Trips

Previous bookings are easy to find allowing you to filter by labels, destinations, or by booker under the Past bookings tab.

You can also rebook hotels from previous stays or leave comments. And, by adding a company favourite, future bookers will see this at the top of their search results.

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