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How-to guide: Reports

How-to guide: Reports

Reporting made easy

Under the Reports tab you’ll see a clear overview of your company’s travel accommodation spend.

Reports automatically update, allowing you to see a spending breakdown by month, destination, individual and more. By setting up custom labels for things such as projects, events or clients, you can see breakdowns suiting your exact needs.

Staying within budget?

At a glance see how many of your bookings are within budget. The ‘In budget’ percentage shows the proportion of your room reservations that were within company budget at the time of booking.

You can also click ‘Only show over budget bookings’ to see exactly where your spend is going over budget.

Export your booking data

From the reports page you can export all your booking data to XLS.

Reports are visible for users who are assigned either the admin or travel organiser role. By default, admins will see report data for the whole account, while travel organisers can only view reports for bookings made by them or their assigned groups.

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