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How-to guide: User Roles

How-to guide: User Roles

User permissions to suit your company

Whether you have one or two travel organisers that take care of all the bookings, or hundreds of self-booking travellers – you can assign the roles to match your business.

There are four key user roles: contacts, bookers, travel organisers and admins. Roles can also be customised by defining access rights by role. Admins can do this on the account settings page.


Contacts do not have access to the company account. They can be added to bookings made by others on the company account to speed up future bookings and will appear in booking reports for spending breakdowns


Bookers can only book travel for themselves or other users. They don’t have any access to company account details, such as other bookings, reports or company settings. However, they can view and use pre-set company preferences including favourite hotels and budgets to help them book within company policy.

Travel Organisers

Travel organisers are primarily in charge of booking travel for themselves and others in their company. By default, they can make a booking for anyone in the company account, however they can only view reports for bookings made by them or their assigned groups. This may suit if you have travel organisers for different departments.


Admins manage the majority of the company account. By default, they can invite new users, assign roles and manage all company account information, including budgets and billing information.
They also manage account groups such as departments, cost centres and legal entities.

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