Travel management

The Future of NDC (New Distribution Capability)

by Jerry August 21, 2019 Business Travel Trends, Travel management

New Distribution Capability, or NDC, is a new XML based data transmission standard. NDC creates opportunities to standardize data transfer

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5 Factors That Really Matter When Finding Accommodation for Picky Travellers

5 Factors That Really Matter When Finding Accommodation for Picky Travellers

by Jerry July 24, 2018 Travel management

We all have our preferences when it comes to personal travel, and while some business travellers are happy to leave

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How Geopolitical Threats Could Impact Your Business Travel Plans

by Jerry June 12, 2018 Travel management

The world can be a dangerous place. Conflict, political instability and terrorism have created a perfect storm of problems that

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All You Need to Know About Managing Delays and Disruptions in Business Travel

by Jerry June 05, 2018 Travel management

Travel managers might find their duty of care challenged during travel delays and disruptions. With a deeper understanding of the

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Three Tips for a Sustainable Business Travel Plan

by Jerry May 02, 2018 Travel management

Attitudes of a new generation – the millennials – is reshaping how companies interact with not only their customers, but

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When Travel Policy Turns Into Travel Politics

by Jerry March 13, 2018 Travel management

Being a travel manager isn’t for the faint-hearted. There’s conflicting agendas to think about, office fires to extinguish and fraught

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Essential Checklist: Ensure Corporate Travel Policy Compliance

by Jerry February 19, 2018 Travel management

Trying to increase corporate travel policy compliance and buy-in from your employees is like “herding cats”, said one travel manager.

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The Rules of Business Drinks

by Jerry November 15, 2017 Travel management

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Why Visuals are the Key to Communicating with Business Travellers

by Jerry September 11, 2017 Travel management

And how to get everyone to read your travel policy. Humans love visual material. According to studies, coloured visuals increase

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Persuasion: The Secret to Increasing Travel Policy Compliance

by Jerry August 24, 2017 Travel management

Travel managers have a lot to deal with; from sourcing new suppliers to reporting on spend to trying to keep

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