Planning for a stress free business trip

Traveling for business can be a stressful experience: it often doesn’t respect your regular working hours and it requires quite a bit of planning, which comes on top of your normal workload. But it doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Here’s how!

Planning for a stress free business trip

Preparing for business travel

The key to stress free travel is the preparation. And the earlier you start with this, the better. Start with the corporate travel policy of your employer. Here you find the rules your company has set for company travel. Staying in policy during your entire trip already removes the stress of worrying if your expenses will be reimbursed or not.

Corporate Travel Policy

Corporate Travel Policy

Corporate Travel Policy

While any policy document generally isn’t regarded as a nice read, a travel policy does offer important information regarding the following:

  • General traveller guidelines
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Car rental
  • Rail and ground transportation
  • Duty of care

It’s the company’s playbook for business travel and tells you what is and isn’t allowed. And your budgets. How much you can spend on your flight, your taxi, your hotel and your food.

Complying with your company’s travel policy will ensure a stress free flow of approvals of bookings and expense submissions.

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What do you do on a business trip?

There’s more than meetings and dinners while travelling for work.

How do you justify a business trip?

You want to travel for work but need your manager’s approval?

How to stay healthy when travelling for work FT?

A full workout plan for full-time business travellers.

What are steps for planning a business trip?

The secret to travelling for work is in the preparation

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Business travel without the price tag


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Rail tickets will be added later this year to provide companies with more sustainable choices.

Rental cars

Corporate car rental is also coming soon – so everything can be managed from one place.

Book flights and accommodation together

Book flights and accommodation together

Book flights and accommodation together

The new for Business allows you to book your entire trip in one go. Simply enter your dates and locations and we’ll connect them.

Once you’ve selected your desired elements the tool will check the available flights and accommodations and create your itinerary.

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Available anytime, anywhere

Business can be unpredictable, and sometimes you might need to make last-minute bookings while on the move.

The new for Business works on any device with an active internet connection. All from the cloud and without any additional software.

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