Stay in control of your business travel expenses

Seamlessly manage your travel expenses and maximize the benefits of business trips with for Business.

Along with saving on business travel, you can select integrations that finally allow you to say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to real-time expense management.

Stay in control of your business travel expenses
Save up to 20% on travel

Unlock corporate rates for your favorite hotels, airlines, and car rental companies

Stay in control

Ensure transparency and compliance with your corporate travel policy

Reduce time spent on expenses

Spend less time on manual data entry with automated expense management

Make informed decisions

Identify spending patterns and locate areas for cost savings with travel expense reporting

Reduce your travel expenses

Reduce your travel expenses

Save on business travel expenses with for Business. You’ll benefit from exclusive business rates and enjoy discounts of up to 20% on accommodations, flights, and car rental. You can also unlock special perks and additional savings with the Genius loyalty program.

The savings calculator will show just how much your company can save.

Reduce your travel expenses
Stay in control of your travel spend

Stay in control of your travel spend

Stay in control of your travel spend

Experience enhanced expense management and streamlined corporate travel with Traxo, a powerful built-in module offered by for Business.

Traxo also enables the integration of popular expense management tools like Expensify, giving you more control, transparency, and compliance in your corporate travel process.

Business travel made easy for everyone

That’s why 100,000+ companies trust for Business with their travel

Streamline your travel and expense management

Streamline your travel and expense management

By automatically transferring all your corporate travel bookings directly to your Expensify account, you can finally say goodbye to manual data entry - and reduce the risk of human error when submitting travel expenses. 

With the seamless integration of Expensify, you can trust that your travel data is accurately transferred, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Streamline your travel and expense management
Make data-driven decisions

Make data-driven decisions

Make data-driven decisions for Business gives you access to a valuable data analytics and reporting tool. Your business can identify travel spending patterns, pinpoint areas of potential cost savings, and make informed decisions to optimize your expense policies.

You can also view your business travel expenses by date and type of expense – e.g. flight, accommodations, and rental car. Download your travel expense reports in a CSV file and get insights on how to save even more.

Corporate travel expenses FAQs
What are business travel expenses?

A business travel expense is any purchase made by an employee for business purposes while traveling for work. It includes expenses like airline tickets, train tickets, hotel reservations, taxi fares, public transit costs, and meals.

How do you manage business travel expenses?

Managing business travel expenses can be simplified using expense management tools like Expensify, which allow employees to easily capture receipts, categorize expenses, and submit reimbursement requests. By digitizing receipts and centralizing expense data, businesses can streamline the tracking and reporting process. Integrating travel booking platforms, such as for Business, with expense management systems also reduces the time spent managing travel expenses.

How do you estimate business travel expenses?

To estimate business travel expenses, start by identifying the destination, duration, and purpose of the trip. Research transportation costs, including flights, train tickets, or car rental, and consider accommodation expenses based on the location. Factor in meals, transportation within the destination, and any additional expenses related to meetings or events. Finally, review past travel records or use online travel expense calculators to get a rough estimate, and adjust based on specific circumstances and company policies.

What is Traxo integration?

Traxo integration is the ability to connect your for Business account with tools like Expensify. With integrations, Traxo can sync with travel booking platforms, airline systems, hotel reservation systems, and other travel service providers to automatically gather and consolidate travel data in one place. This allows you to have a comprehensive view of your travel itineraries, expenses, and more, improving travel management and providing valuable insights.

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