has found that 97% of global travellers believe technology makes it easier for them to book trips.That’s where travel tech comes in. Think about the last time you booked a holiday. You probably used your smartphone, a set of apps and various online tools to make the process as frictionless and smooth as possible.

Business travel is no different. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the top five travel tech trends that are making life easier for business travellers:

1. Smartphone-powered business travel

Just like leisure jet-setters, business travellers are reliant on mobile tech to guide them during trips. From alerts that indicate traffic conditions and flight disruption to locating amenities in foreign locations, smartphones provide constant access to vital information while out on the road.

The proliferation of mobile-first tools is streamlining business travel, saving time and alleviating unnecessary stress.

2. Hand luggage-friendly gadgets

Travelling light is essential during business trips – particularly if you’re restricted to hand luggage or like the speed and convenience it offers. So it’s no surprise these portable gadgets are becoming increasingly popular:

Battery packs: for ensuring your mobile gear never runs out of juice; GPS trackers: to mitigate instances of lost luggage; Portable Wi-Fi: great in remote locations or for securing your private internet connection.

3. Tech-smart hotels

Accommodation providers are increasingly relying on innovative technology to enhance the guest experience. The Yotel in New York, for instance, features an onsite luggage-storing robot known as ‘YOBOT’, and at the City Hub in Amsterdam, you have access to an app that enables you to control all of the amenities within the room from a smartphone.

This technology is enabling hoteliers to offer business travellers a stress-free service that is more personalised than ever before.

4. Receipt and expense management

Ask any business traveller to reveal their least favourite task, and it’s likely to be that of sifting through piles of travel receipts while calculating expenses. Thankfully, apps like Zeno enable travellers to track their expenses by scanning receipts with their smartphone’s camera.

Once the trip is complete, a full expense report can be created with just a few taps on the screen. That means no more wading through pieces of paper and an end to dealing with time-consuming spreadsheets.

5. Wind-down tech

Business travel can be stressful with little time usually available to unwind. For those moments when you can de-stress a little, however, technology is likely to become your greatest friend. For instance, thanks to apps that enable you to effectively take your home TV entertainment package with you on your tablet or smartphone, those lonely nights spent in hotel rooms will feel just a little bit more homely.

There are also a growing number of meditative apps, such as Headspace or Calm, which offer a range of exercises to help you unwind and free your mind at the end of a long day.

New technology is opening up a huge range of possibilities for business travellers, and, if the above list is anything to go by, it looks like we’ll all be increasingly relying on digital aides and forms of entertainment to ensure our safety and happiness while on the road.