Technology inspires business travellers and fuels their expectations. It’s completely changed the travel booking process and made going through a travel agent or calling up a hotel a thing of the past.

It has created a business travel transformation. It’s also changed the very way we view business travel. The old stereotype of the bleary-eyed business traveller, rushing for a flight, staying in a bland corporate hotel and eating boring food from room service is over. Instead, it’s opened up a whole new dynamic and fast-paced travel culture.

This technological transformation is creating a new generation of tech-savvy, app-wielding consumers who demand smart, frictionless travel at every point of the process. From booking travel and accommodation to checking-in, shopping and booking transfers, the power is literally in people’s pockets. Now, we all expect to get instant confirmations, access reviews from real travellers and have clear price transparency – all things that dated booking processes struggle to provide.

Technology supports travellers through the most stressful parts of their trip

Recent research suggests an alarming 93% of business travellers experience some level of stress when travelling, with 25% stating they are always or frequently stressed throughout their trip. By providing apps, gadgets and other tools, technology providers like are offering solutions to the most stressful aspects of travel.

Accommodation providers are becoming increasingly tech savvy – recognising that the sweet spot in customer service lies in a mix of self-service technology and human interaction. For example, check-in experiences are becoming more intuitive and personal. This tackles a real pain point for business travellers – our survey found that one in five business travellers stated checking in and out as the most annoying part of business travel accommodation.

As well, providers are recommending apps and tools to help business travellers navigate their neighbourhoods while in town. From language apps such as ‘Duolingo’ to learn while on-the-go, to foodie apps like ‘Foodspotting’ which takes the hassle away from finding ways to sample local cuisine – not leaving the room is simply not an option anymore.

At the tools to help business travellers in Poznan (Poland), for example, seamless technology experiences are taken even further. Guests are photographed when they enter and have stylised images of their profile projected back at them. Traditional keys are a thing of the past. Instead, guests are handed iPhones at reception linked to specific rooms. They use digital recognition software to guide users to their room and unlock the door on proximity.

What does the future hold?

People now expect a basic level of technology throughout their entire journey – at the airport, on the plane and in their accommodation. But they also want to be in control of their trip at all times, from any device and with the touch of a button.

From digital luggage tags, to portable espresso machines, to the app, which lets you instantly find a place to stay when standing on the corner of a street anywhere in the world, technology has raised the bar when it comes to expectations of corporate business travel.

The future of business travel is exciting – discover how you can join the technology revolution.