It can be difficult to keep up with the latest corporate travel news and stay informed in today's fast-paced business environment. But keeping up with business travel blogs and news sources saves time and money when booking business travel, and makes you more comfortable and efficient while on a business trip.

With so many websites and resources out there, it’s easy to get lost. Whether you’re a travel manager, business travel booker, or a frequent business traveler, we’ve curated a list of resources with the most valuable content.

1. for Business

We couldn’t start this list without giving our own blog an honorable mention. for Business is a blog for business travel managers, decision makers, and business travelers. Regardless of your role or the size of your business, you can find helpful information on everything from tips for business travelers to deep-dive guides on business travel management, duty of care, travel policy compliance, and more.

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to plan, book, and travel better for business.

2. Business Travel News

Business Travel News (BTN) is a must-read for travel managers or anyone in the corporate travel industry. BTN has been publishing industry news, thoughtful op-eds, and proprietary research for nearly 40 years, and they’re an unparalleled source for the industry’s breaking news. If you’re short on reading time, check out their podcast, The Biz by BTN, or peruse their calendar of webinars and events.

Ideal for: Decision makers and anyone managing business travel policy at their organization.

3. Skift

Skift is one of the must-follow online resources for business travelers. This informative platform was created to analyze global travel trends, with a view toward the future of the travel industry. One thing that sets Skift apart is their selection of free newsletters. Beyond their daily newsletter covering the latest from the global travel industry, you can also sign up for a more tailored round-up of weekly news including a dedicated business travel newsletter, a newsletter about climate change in the travel industry, travel loyalty programs, and more.

Ideal for: Travel strategists and future-thinkers with an eye on the trends shaping the travel space.

4. The Business Travel Magazine

The Business Travel Magazine shares reviews, travel industry news, and business destination insight guides. They share industry news from the most important players, but the platform is also filled with helpful tips, tricks, and advice for anyone planning business travel. Check out their informative “How to” guides covering topics like “How to cut your travel carbon footprint” and “How to rejuvenate your travel program.” For business travelers, there are also helpful reviews so you can pick the best airlines and accommodations for your trip.

Ideal for: Anyone involved in booking, buying, or managing business travel – and business travelers looking to optimize trips.

5. The Points Guy

The Points Guy is the ultimate source for everything you want to know about travel points, loyalty programs, and credit card rewards – or, as they put it, “maximizing travel experiences while minimizing spending.” The content isn’t exclusively for business travel, but the tips and strategies they share are an invaluable business travel planning resource for making your corporate travel budget go further. In particular, their monthly “TPG points valuation” post is a great tool for anyone looking to directly compare points and loyalty programs.

Ideal for: Small businesses aiming to stretch their corporate travel budget and travelers who appreciate the thrill of a free upgrade.

6. Business Traveller

Business Traveller is a magazine written by travel experts for anyone making frequent business trips. They aim to inform and entertain with topics like travel trends, reviews, and strategies for maximizing productivity while on the road. Business Traveller publishes digital and print magazines—perfect for reading on a flight—in the UK, US, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and India.

Ideal for: Business travelers on the go who want to catch up on the latest in business travel, no matter what the Wifi connection is like.

7. Road Warriorette

Road Warriorette’s casual yet informative business travel blog proves that experience is the best teacher. As a seasoned business traveler, she covers everything from packing tips to navigating airports and hotels. Pick up practical tips from someone who’s done it all, including advice ranging from how to survive one-day business trips to tips for keeping in touch with loved ones while on the road. While the blog hasn’t been as active in recent years, it’s still a goldmine of evergreen advice for business travelers.

Ideal for: Frequent flyers and burnt-out business travelers who want to level up their next business trip.

8. FlyerTalk

For a more interactive experience than your typical corporate travel blog, check out FlyerTalk – a forum for travelers to share tips and advice on everything related to air travel. With a dedicated section for business travelers, you can engage with other users and discuss topics like airport lounges, airline status, and travel policies. It’s the perfect spot to trade tips and share knowledge from other business travelers and experts in the business travel industry.

Ideal for: Thought leaders who go beyond the headlines to join the conversation.

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