How Data and Technology are Transforming the Travel Manager’s Role
As the travel industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate, the skillset required by travel managers is following suit, with data analysis and tech-savviness at the top of the list. Not only do today’s travel managers need to be experts in collecting, managing and analysing data, they’re increasingly required to be aficionados in everything from […]
Top Ten Business Travel Tips
Congrats! You’re about to plan your next business trip. The dates are set, the meetings are booked – all you need to do now is get the flight and accommodation sorted. … But before you rush off to book a room for the night, check out our top ten business travel tips infographic. When you’re […]
Persuasion: The Secret to Increasing Travel Policy Compliance
Travel managers have a lot to deal with; from sourcing new suppliers to reporting on spend to trying to keep travellers compliant with policy. Business travel management could even be compared to juggling, whether that’s in relation to the tasks you have on any given day or the multiple skills you have to possess. Although arguably, […]
Five Tips for Growing Your Business Network While on the Road
Networking is a vital business skill, and it’s not just for jobseekers. Entrepreneurs and managers, especially in small- to mid-sized companies, rely on strong networks to create new business opportunities, improve their skills and keep up with the latest developments.There’s no reason your networking activities should stop when you leave town for a business trip. […]
Find the Right People: Essential Skills Every Travel Manager Needs
Let’s face it – business travel can be rather dull. Every detail is arranged for you and, while this is undoubtedly convenient, the inflexibility offered by a stringent travel policy often results in nothing more than a foreign business meeting punctuated by air travel and taxi rides. Business travel in the modern age is thankfully […]
How Technology Has Inspired a Business Travel Transformation
Technology inspires business travellers and fuels their expectations. It’s completely changed the travel booking process and made going through a travel agent or calling up a hotel a thing of the past. It has created a business travel transformation. It’s also changed the very way we view business travel. The old stereotype of the bleary-eyed business […]
Top 9 European Hotels with the Best WiFi for Business Travel
Stay connected while travelling for business. There’s nothing worse than checking into a beautiful, well-located hotel only to discover the WiFi is sluggish and unreliable – especially when you’re travelling for business. Worse still, being asked to pay a sizeable fee for the privilege of using what is now one of life’s essentials can ruin […]
How to Manage Passive Business Traveller Spending
Passive business traveller spending refers to expenses that result from unintentional decisions made by the employee. It includes taxes, fees and other costs that simply occur as a result of the person doing their job. Although some of the spending might be unavoidable, if you aren’t managing passive spending, you might be building unnecessary costs […]
Is Business Travel the Key to Happiness at Work?
People are more likely to find happiness by spending money on experiences rather than objects. But does this thinking apply to business travel? Can leaving the office to meet clients, go to conferences and visit other sites really make you happier at work? According to research done by for Business, 30% of people would take a lower salary […]