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Better Insights in Business Hotel Room Prices with the City Benchmarking Tool

by Alex Panko August 29, 2018 Costs savings & budget control

“The most damaging phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it this way!’” This famous quote, from legendary Admiral

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Procurement Executive’s Outlook: The Future of Travel Spending

by Thibaut Leroux August 21, 2018 Costs savings & budget control

These are exciting times for procurement managers. A new generation is on the rise in the workforce, and disruptive, innovative

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What Business Owners Need to Know about Travel Insurance for Work

by Meera Lakhani July 25, 2018 Duty of Care

Getting your head around travel insurance for work is yet another thing on your list. To help, this post aims

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happy traveller

Happy Traveller, Happy Employee

by Sarah Kuenzer July 25, 2018 Work effectiveness

Millennials this, millennials that. You can say what you want about the generation born after 1982, but they’re definitely redefining

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5 Factors That Really Matter When Finding Accommodation for Picky Travellers

by Meera Lakhani July 24, 2018 Travel management

We all have our preferences when it comes to personal travel, and while some business travellers are happy to leave

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Why Hotel Choice and Proximity To Destination Are Key For Business Travel Bookings

by Thibaut Leroux July 23, 2018 Duty of Care

Picture the scene: you arrive at your destination after a long flight, weary, hungry and thinking about nothing more than

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safe business

Safe Business Travel: Your Responsibilities for Employees On The Road

by Thibaut Leroux July 18, 2018 Duty of Care

As a business leader, you’ve probably spent countless hours on the road – and know a thing or two about

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3 Strategies to Make You a Better Planner – at Travel and Business

by Sarah Kuenzer July 09, 2018 Work effectiveness

For many business owners, business travel is unavoidable. In the last year, it’s likely that you’ve spent time out of

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How a New Generation of Business Traveller is Rewriting the Rules

by Patrick Post July 07, 2018 Business Travel Trends

“Business traveller.” For many, the term evokes an image of a middle-aged man, briefcase in hand, rushing for a flight

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3 Bizarre Travel Scenarios… And What Travel Managers Can Do About Them

by Thibaut Leroux July 03, 2018 Work effectiveness

If you travel long enough and often enough, something strange is bound to happen. But, when bizarre situations strike, what

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