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Travel policy  guide | Booking.com for Business
15 mins read

Сomplete guide to travel policy

The following guide will serve as your complete step-by-step manual to travel policies.

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Guide to business travel and expense management
14 mins read

Guide to business travel and expense management

Optimise your business trips, streamline your processes and make your organisation more efficient with this comprehensive guide.

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Corporate travel manager guide | Booking.com for Business
11 mins read

What is a corporate travel manager: guide

Discover the key role of corporate travel managers in optimising business travel, managing expenses and ensuring duty of care in this guide.

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9 mins read
Top 10 marketing conferences of 2024

Check out 10 of the most exciting marketing conferences of 2024.

12 mins read
Guide to airport lounges for business travellers

Learn about what to look for in an airport business lounge, how to get access to a lounge and how to...

8 mins read
Top 12 startup conferences to attend in 2024

Kickstart your business by attending these top 12 startup conferences in 2024

9 mins read
A business traveller's guide to networking at conferences

Discover our guide on mastering effective networking as a business traveller.

7 mins read
Business travel payment guide

Having the right business travel payment solution is key to managing your expenses and making sure b...


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5 mins read
Business travel and AI: Unpacking the trust and interest in AI features

Unlock the future of business travel with AI insights. Optimize your journey with Booking.com for Bu...

7 mins read
Business travel: revealing new stay trends

Find out how business stay trends have changed from 2019 to 2023 with our in-depth data analysis.