Corporate travel management that's easy and free

Plan, book and manage your business travel in one place - at no extra cost. Choose from a wide selection of hotels, flights and car rental options, plus discounted business rates.

Corporate travel management that's easy and free
No fees

Pay zero subscription, booking or travel support fees

Exclusive prices

Get discounted business rates and loyalty points

A complete view

Have full oversight of bookings, costs and traveller locations

Free travel support

Get complimentary 24/7 assistance from a CWT travel counsellor via email or phone

Save time

Save time

With for Business, there's no need for IT support, account managers, or contracts. You can arrange your business travel yourself and still get complimentary 24/7 travel support whenever you need it.

The more you book, the more you'll be shown customised recommendations based on your business travel preferences, so you can book your flights, car rental and favourite hotels in just a few clicks.

Save time
Save money

Save money

Save money

Enjoy discounts and save up to 20% on accommodation, flights and car rental through exclusive business rates. You can also get special perks with the Genius loyalty programme.

Built-in savings notifications for travel options keep your team on-budget. Eliminate booking fees and subscription costs charged by other providers, no matter how many users you add. You can also avoid cancellation fees with flexible booking options.

Get 24/7 travel support

Get 24/7 travel support

Wherever you are in the world, you can contact the CWT travel support team for free. As a leading travel management company, CWT has unrivalled expertise in providing help and support to business travellers.

Get 24/7 travel support
Take care of your employees and colleagues

Take care of your employees and colleagues

Take care of your employees and colleagues

Enhance traveller safety with Traxo - a built-in tool that captures all of your employees' business travel bookings, no matter what platform they use to book. Traxo also features a traveller safety map, which shows the location and itinerary of each individual, so it's easy to stay informed about trips and help your employees whenever they need it.

The option to book on behalf of guest travellers means you can also look after contractors as if they were permanent employees.

Great for business. Great for travellers.

Try for Business and take your business travel to the next level.

Get the most out of your travel budget

Get the most out of your travel budget

Get the most out of your travel budget

With access to exclusive rates, your business travel budget will now take you further than ever. You can even use the travel savings calculator to see how much you’ll save with for Business.

In addition to this, hotel, flight and car rental membership programmes can be used when booking, so you'll still earn loyalty points with your favourite hotels and airlines when travelling for business.

Corporate travel management FAQ
What are the benefits of managing corporate travel?

When you’re able to keep track of what your company is spending on flights, hotels and car rental, you can save money. Plus details like where your employees are staying, and how they’re travelling, can help you ensure their safety and meet any sustainability goals your company might have.

Is for Business a travel management company?

No, it isn't. for Business is a self-serve management platform that simply ensures you have full control over your company's business travel. You won't have to go through an account manager, so you need not pay the fee usually charged by travel management companies. To make it easier for you, complimentary travel support is available whenever you need it. That's why 500,000+ businesses already trust for Business to help them manage their travel.

Do I need a travel agent or a corporate travel manager?

With for Business, you don't need an agent or a dedicated corporate travel manager. The free tool is completely self-serve for business owners, travellers and travel planners to search, book and manage trips. For many businesses, the overall management of travel spending and expenses is done by a single individual or small group of administrators. With that in mind, for Business makes it easy to configure user permissions and provides capabilities to stay informed about trips, such as reporting, spend visibility and a traveller safety map. However, if you prefer to contact someone, a CWT travel counsellor is available via email or phone free of charge.

What are the biggest challenges for managing corporate travel?

For many companies, the two major challenges of travel management are cost and traveller compliance. Business leaders want to reduce the overall amount they spend on travel, and they also want to make sure travellers are booking safe, affordable options. for Business helps companies do both. The platform delivers exclusive rates, as well as savings and perks through the Genius loyalty programme. Plus, for Business provides travellers with a wide range of accommodation, flights, and car rental by major providers. So you will never have to go anywhere else to book business travel.

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