Simplify trips with business travel payments

Make corporate travel payments with credit cards or Airplus Virtual Cards. And with pre-paid options available, there's no need to bring your company credit card to check-in.

Simplify trips with business travel payments

Corporate travel payments

Corporate travel payments

With for Business, you can use various credit cards and payment methods when paying for business trips, including Visa, Mastercard, Airplus Virtual Cards, American Express, Diners Club International, and UATP (for flights only).

Separate cards can also be used for different parts of your business trip. For example, you can use a Mastercard for flights and an American Express for hotel payments.

Corporate travel payments

Calculate how much you can save on business travel

Use the free savings calculator to find out how much you can save on flights, accommodation and more with for Business.

Calculate how much you can save on business travel
Virtual card payments

Virtual card payments

Virtual card payments

You can add a central payment method to streamline the payment process for your travellers' business trips. With the convenience of AirPlus Virtual Cards, your travellers can avoid using their personal cards and save time on expense claims. 

AirPlus Virtual Cards can be used for the majority of accommodation bookings.

Pre-paid business trips

Pre-paid business trips

For more control over your travellers' expenses during business trips, there is the option to fully pre-pay for accommodation. This means that payment is taken care of before the traveller even checks in.

Please note that availability of this service depends on the property.

Pre-paid business trips
Business travel payments FAQs
What types of business travel payments are there?

There are a range of payment types you can use whilst travelling for business. The most frequently used are personal credit cards, individual corporate cards, central corporate cards and virtual payments.

How can I get an overview of my company’s travel spend?

A travel expense reporting tool will give you full visibility and control over your company’s business travel.

What are the benefits of using a corporate credit card for business travel?

Corporate credit cards offer a range of benefits such as easy expense tracking, rewards, and reduced liability for individual employees.

What is a virtual payment?

A virtual payment is a digital payment that doesn't require a physical credit or debit card. Virtual payments are often made via a smartphone or other device.

What is an AirPlus payment?

An Airplus payment is a virtual payment optimised for corporate travel. It's as easy to use as a credit card and it also provides flexibility, transparency and security.

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