Business travel
What is corporate travel management?

Corporate travel management supports all areas associated with business travel for employees, customers, vendors and business partners.

Companies may rely on in-house corporate travel management teams, travel agencies, online booking tools such as for Business, or any combination of these to ensure their business travel is as efficient as possible.

What are the benefits of a business travel management platform for a company?

Travel management platforms, such as for Business, help companies reduce costs and time spent on business travel booking. for Business is an all-in-one platform that’s completely free! Providing you with real-time reporting to make data-driven decisions, you can book all your business travel yourself, saving you time and money. Plus, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the Genius loyalty programme, giving you at least 10% off properties around the world.

What are the challenges of managing corporate travel?

Keeping track of an employee's flights, hotel stays and car rental is challenging and time-consuming.

Costs quickly add up and it's hard to make sure everyone is staying in-budget. for Business centralises this information and provides you with real-time reporting, giving you unique insights into your business travel.

What is a corporate travel policy?

A corporate travel policy is a clear, written set of rules and procedures that outline how employees should approve, book, and expense travel for business purposes.

About for Business travel management platform
Who can use the Booking for Business platform? for Business is for anyone who wants to book a business trip easily and quickly, without the additional cost that comes with a travel management company or a travel agent.

The platform has various access levels and gives an overview of upcoming bookings, as well as a map to track travellers' locations.

It's especially beneficial for SMEs, as it can be used by travellers, travel managers, HR and finance teams, administrative assistants and CEOs.

What is for Business? for Business is an all-in-one business travel platform. You and your employees can use it to book and manage business trips and choose from a wide range of accommodations, flights and car rentals. Plus, it’s totally free - there are no fees.

How does for Business work? for Business allows you to book trips in a couple of clicks and have a record of business travel-related expenses.

With for Business, you don't need a business travel agent or IT support.

After signing up, you can start managing travellers, create access levels and book business trips that include accommodation, flights, and car rental.

Will I get an account manager / contact person?

One of the biggest advantages of for Business is that it's a self-service travel management platform. It's easy to navigate, so no intermediary assistance is required. You can book a complete trip for yourself or an employee without an online travel agent, saving you additional costs and time. 

In case you have technical issues or questions during the booking process, you can contact our Help Centre.

How to book business trips
Can I cancel my business trip at any time?

You can cancel your accommodation depending on the cancellation policy you chose during the booking process. To allow more flexibility, choose a hotel with a free cancellation policy. 

To cancel your flight, please visit the flight support page.

Can I make last minute changes to my booking?

You can modify your business accommodation depending on the booking and cancellation policy you chose during the booking process. Room changes and accommodation duration modifications are available depending on the hotel's capacities. 

Flight modifications also depend on the chosen flight tariff. Usually changing flights is possible within one airline, although additional fees may be incurred depending on your ticket.

When a booking includes more than one airline there may be technical problems with any change. Please make sure your name is spellt correctly (as it is written in your passport) when you make the booking, otherwise, there may be problems with changing your flight tickets.

Will I get a refund if my flight gets cancelled or delayed?

For flight refund enquiries, please contact us via the flight support page.

How quickly will I receive a refund after cancellation?

The refund for accommodation reservations usually takes 7 to 12 business days to arrive to you.

The refund for flights depends on the airline's policy and can't be influenced by for Business. Please visit the flight support page for more information.

The refund for rental cars depends on when you cancel the booking. Please visit the rental cars support page for more information.

Are low-cost airlines also available on your platform?

We offer all kinds of airlines for business flights.

You can choose from low-cost carriers to full-service airlines.

You can also decide on your tariff and flight class, and choose luggage and meals.

I already have discounts or membership cards/programmes. Can I use them with for Business?

Yes! To make your business trip even more cost-efficient, you can add your frequent flyer number, hotel membership card or other loyalty programmes to your profile.

Expense reporting and costs
How can I save money for corporate travel using your booking software?

The for Business software is free for all users and doesn't have any additional subscription or booking fees. We work directly with accommodation and transport companies around the globe and therefore can offer the best prices. 

Using our Genius programme, you can start saving and unlock more discounts and added benefits such as free breakfasts and room upgrades from only 5 bookings a year.

Additionally, for Business helps your HR/finance team by significantly reducing time spent on managing expense reports or reimbursing travel charges.

Will I have full visibility of all my travel costs?

You'll have a whole cost overview including the total spent on all business trips (accommodation, flight and car rental). 

The travel expense tracker helps you provide a financial report with a detailed breakdown for each sector, and serves as the basis for making a financial forecast for business travel.

You can download the travel spend overview in the .csv format.

How do I get a business booking invoice?

The accommodation can provide a business booking invoice - you can reach out to them directly for this. 

For flight invoices, please visit the flight support page for more information.

Can I pay in advance on behalf of the travelling employee?

If you wish to pay in advance, you can pay with a corporate card or any other available payment method on behalf of the travelling employee.

If the pay-at-property method was chosen during the booking process, the traveller will need to pay upon arrival.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can use private or corporate credit and debit cards, or a virtual payment method such as an AirPlus card.

When the Airplus Virtual Card is accepted, the property will receive an authorization form with instructions to not ask the guest for payment at check-out.

How can I see an overview and manage all business bookings for my company?

All reservations are accessible with one click through the main dashboard, where you can find and manage your bookings.

In the dashboard, you'll find all relevant information, such as booking status, travellers' names, total cost, and much more.

How to use Booking for Business travel management platform
How easy is it to book a business trip on this platform? for Business is designed to reduce the time spent on bookings and amending trip itineraries, allowing for a more efficient and seamless travel management process. 

After a few trips, AI personalisation understands your preferences and recommends the perfect itinerary for you, so you can comfortably use the express check-out to complete bookings in less than 2 minutes.

How do I sign up?

You can easily sign up by clicking the 'Register' button at the top of the page. The registration process is free (as well as all services provided by for Business) and takes less than 2 minutes.

To sign up, you just need to provide your:

  • Email and password
  • Company's name and country
  • Full name

Please note that special characters are not supported by the system. Please provide all the information in Latin characters.

After registration, you will receive an email with an activation link.

What does my dashboard look like?

To get an idea of what the dashboard looks like, the image below provides an overview of what you'll see after logging in to the booking tool.

On the left side, you can get access to the menu, where you can manage your travellers' profiles and bookings. As an admin, you will also have access to the 'Administration' panel where you can modify company settings, add company credit cards and create booking rules. This is also where you invite and manage users.

The middle section provides a search bar where you can plan your next trip. Below, you'll see existing bookings and the travel spend tracker for travel expense reporting. 

On the right side, you'll see internal notifications, messages, and updates.

Will I keep my Genius status if I create a business account?

If you already have a Genius level at, you can transfer it to your business account and enjoy the Genius advantages for corporate trips too!

In your business account, your Genius level isn’t shown, but all accommodations offering Genius discounts will display the blue 'Genius' logo. These discounts correspond to your Genius level in your personal account.

How can I access the for Business Help Centre?

You can find access to the Help Centre by following this link:

If you have urgent issues with your accommodation booking, please contact our 24/7 customer centre at:  

Regarding any booked flights, please reach out to: