See real-time traveller locations with Traxo

Traxo is a built-in feature that captures every booking made by your employees, regardless of the platform they use. With the powerful travel location tool, you can gain a full overview of your employees' real-time travel plans. 

Also, Traxo integrates with popular services like Expensify, effortlessly syncing your expenses and travel costs.

See real-time traveller locations with Traxo
Get a complete overview

Oversee all your employees’  business travel plans, in real-time and in one place

Capture all bookings

All employees’ travel itineraries appear in seconds, no matter which platform they use to book

Integrate with services

Automatically deliver all of your employees’ travel expenses to Expensify

Enhance traveller safety

With real-time visibility, you can always be sure that your travellers have arrived safely

Capture travel data in real-time

Capture travel data in real-time for Business has partnered with Traxo, a company that provides real-time corporate travel data. With Traxo's travel location tool, you’ll be able to see your employees' business travel bookings in one place, no matter what platform they use to book.

Capture travel data in real-time
See any booking from any platform

See any booking from any platform

See any booking from any platform

Traxo automatically detects travel confirmation emails regardless of the platform used to book and extracts relevant information, such as the traveller's name, destination, dates, and booking details. This information is then displayed on the for Business dashboard, providing you with an overview of activities.

Business travel made easy for everyone

That’s why 100,000+ companies trust for Business with their travel

Get an overview with traveller locations

Get an overview with traveller locations

Ensure that employees travelling for work are safe with Traxo's real-time map. With this powerful tool, you'll have a comprehensive view of your employees' locations, so in the event of unforeseen circumstances you can locate them and provide support. 

By knowing your employees' whereabouts, you can make informed decisions regarding travel arrangements.

Get an overview with traveller locations
Integrate with other services

Integrate with other services

Integrate with other services

Traxo provides integration with other services you may already use, such as Expensify, making your business travel management even easier.

With your Expensify data integrated into for Business, your travel costs including accommodation, flights and car rental, will automatically appear in your Expensify account. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving you time and reducing the chances of errors.

Traxo and travel visibility FAQs
What is travel visibility?

Travel visibility is the process of monitoring and managing travel activities for individuals or organisations. It involves keeping an eye on flight itineraries, hotel reservations, ground transportation, and other travel details. The purpose is to provide real-time information, updates, and assistance to ensure a smooth travel experience.

What is Traxo?

Traxo is a travel data aggregation, itinerary management platform and provides a business travel visibility tool. It consolidates travel information from multiple sources, such as emails and booking platforms, into a unified dashboard. Users can monitor their bookings, receive real-time updates, and gain insights into their business travel patterns and expenses.

What data can be monitored with Traxo's business travel visibility tool?

Traxo's business travel visibility tool can capture and monitor various types of data related to business travel, regardless of what platform was used to make the booking. This includes flight itineraries, hotel reservations, car rental, and ground transportation details.

What are the advantages of using a business travel visibility tool?

Using a business travel visibility tool offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides a centralised platform to manage and organise travel itineraries, bookings, and expenses, saving time and effort. Secondly, it enables real-time monitoring of travel data, allowing for better location awareness and control over travel activities. Finally, it helps businesses analyse travel patterns, identify cost-saving opportunities, and ensure compliance with travel policies, leading to improved travel management and cost-efficiency.

How can a business travel visibility tool enhance an employer's duty of care whilst ensuring travel policy compliance?

A business travel visibility tool allows businesses to monitor the whereabouts of employees during travel, supporting their safety and well-being. It helps implement travel policies by providing visibility into travel bookings and expenses, allowing for better compliance monitoring. It also enables prompt communication and assistance in case of emergencies or disruptions, ensuring a timely response and adherence to duty of care obligations.

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