Calculate how much you can save on business travel

Use the free savings calculator to find out how much you can save on flights, accommodation and more with for Business.

Calculate how much you can save on business travel

Everything you need for business travel

Benefit from a wide range of flights, accommodation, car rental, and more features.

  • Book flights from 420+ airlines
  • Earn frequent flyer rewards
  • Save with exclusive business fares up to 20% off standard fares
Car rental
  • Car rental at 40,000 locations worldwide
  • Save with flat per-day rates
  • Earn loyalty rewards and upgrades
  • Access complimentary express service
  • Choose from over 3 million properties
  • Earn loyalty rates and upgrades
  • Save with the Genius loyalty programme up to 20% off plus other perks
  • 232 million verified reviews
  • Find and book sustainable accommodation
Trip Management
  • Make trip changes/cancellations yourself
  • Get travel support from CWT with changes/cancellations via email or phone
  • Languages supported via email English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Polish
  • Languages supported via phone English
Administration / travel policy
  • Register an unlimited number of employees
  • Set accommodation and travel budgets
  • Get business travel reports
  • Ensure employee safety with the traveller safety map
  • Add unlimited virtual and physical corporate cards

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