How a Leisure Booking Site Shook Up the World of Business Travel
Business travel is no holiday. Time, budget and all the comforts of a home away from home are top priorities. You need to ensure the happiness of all your stakeholders and make the right call, every time. You go where business takes you – and’s mission is to help you every step of the […]
How Successful Travel Managers Cope with Chaos
4 key actions for less stress and an optimised process. For travel managers, dealing with pressure isn’t an option. It’s an expected part of the job. And, while chaos hopefully isn’t part of your everyday work schedule, it’s likely there are days that could be better. So what can you do to cope with chaos […]
Travel Management Programme: How to Satisfy Key Stakeholder Needs
Senior Leadership, Finance, HR and Business Travellers will all have opinions, views and ideas on your travel management programme. But, while input from colleagues can be helpful, it’s not always easy to keep everyone happy about the way travel is managed. After all, for any travel management programme to be a success, it needs to […]
When Business Travel Goes Wrong: 5 Tips to Prepare Colleagues
It’s impossible to mitigate all risk from business travel. And, as companies expand to new markets, the risks for business travellers will only increase. Threats to travellers come in different shapes and sizes, from political unrest and terrorism through to car accidents and health scares. The challenge for travel managers is to be prepared and […]
Business Travel Market: 3 Ways Our Inner Consumer is Creating Change
content="Let’s face it – business travel can be rather dull. Every detail is arranged for you and, while this is undoubtedly convenient, the inflexibility offered by a stringent travel policy often results in nothing more than a foreign business meeting punctuated by air travel and taxi rides. Business travel in the modern age is thankfully […]"
The Checklist That Will Leave Every Business Traveller Satisfied
5 key requirements for happy business travellers. There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off the last item on a checklist – particularly when that checklist relates to business travel. Any form of travel – be it for business or pleasure – relies on a significant number of constituent elements if it is to be successful. […]
The Importance of User Experience in Business Travel
If you’ve ever installed a new app on your smartphone, only to open it and stare blankly at the screen, wondering what on earth you’re supposed to do next, you’ve likely experienced poor user interface design. User experience (or ‘UX’, as we’ll refer to it from now) is a facet of everyday life that passes […]